One Piece Episode 468


Luffy now mixes it up in the Battle of Marine Ford and runs into a lot of familiar faces.

Bay off Marine Ford: The Decalvan brothers, with the other pirate captains, lead their crews further into the battlefield to finally advance on Whitebeard. However, the Vice Admirals know how to stop this, and keep beating back the troops. Nevertheless, the pirates continue to charge forward to rescue Ace.

Battlefield: Luffy defeats one Marine captain after another and keeps telling himself that he’s going to save Ace.

Scaffold: Ace can barely stand to watch so many people try to save his life and take damage themselves in the process. All the while, he just wonders why they’re taking all this on themselves. Ace himself believes that he deserves all of this, which is why he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt because of him. Meanwhile, he hears even his own division rushing forward and putting their lives in danger for him. Ace remembers how Luffy shouted earlier that he was his brother and how Whitebeard invited him to become his son at that time. Ace then straightens up, at which point Garp asks him what’s wrong. Ace is willing to accept anything, no matter what may come. Should a helping hand be extended to him, he would take it, should the “sword of punishment” kill him, he would accept it.

Battlefield near Whitebeard: The ex-prisoners now want to take part in the fight and ask their captain Buggy to put on a strong show as well, or best of all, to get Whitebeard’s head. Buggy thinks this is a great idea, but in truth he is afraid of most in this war and would prefer to stay quiet and safe the whole time. Suddenly, someone addresses Buggy as Red Nose from a distance. The clown angrily – and without thinking – asks who would dare do such a thing. But when he turns around, he sees Whitebeard, who has recognized Buggy from his time with Gol D. Roger. Buggy is already expecting the worst, while the prisoners continue to admire Buggy as the great Whitebeard talks to him. Whitebeard then asks if Buggy is here to challenge him, for instance. Before Buggy can say anything, the ex-prisoners already affirm. With tears of despair in his eyes, Buggy knows he probably has no choice now and confirms what the prisoners have said. Whitebeard tells him that this would be a bad idea, because otherwise he would have the numerous marines on his back. He therefore suggests teaming up with him, as he could still get his head afterwards. According to Mr. 3, Buggy has completely lost his sense of reality because he really thinks he can pull this off. Marco thinks that Buggy is easy to trick. Whitebeard, however, is concerned with the convicts behind him, who would have been a nuisance as opponents.

Bay off Marine Ford: After a Vice Admiral receives word that the rear pirate ships have now also reached the bay, he thinks it might be time for Sengoku’s strategy. The Vice Admiral orders a retreat and ceases fire, irritating the pirates. Using a Den-den Mushi, Whitebeard asks the pirates if Squard is around, to which the pirates reply in the negative, noting that he has not been seen for some time. As a result, Whitebeard contacts the Decalvan brothers, to whom he gives command of the pirate bands. He also wants them to refrain from a direct attack, preferring to sink the naval ships on the sides, as he has a bad feeling about this.

Scaffold: Sengoku receives word that the pirate captains are now spread out in the back on the right and left sides. He speculates that Whitebeard must have noticed something and reacted to it, but this is futile against what he is up to.

Battlefield: Ivankov and Jinbe briefly escaped from their battles and join Luffy. With combined strength, they try to make their way to Ace. However, Moria wants to interfere, which Jinbe now takes over. A battle of the samurai ensues. Moria takes the shadows of some marines, who then fall unconscious, and grows twofold. Jinbe is convinced the stolen power from others won’t make him any better. Moria doesn’t care about Jinbe’s talk. He splits his scissors, the blades of which now form two Kukri swords, and goes to usurp Jinbe’s shadow. The fish-man is able to dodge Moria’s attacks and then hit him hard enough with two strikes that Moria falls to his knees and spits out the shadows he picked up earlier. Jinbe subsequently wants to rejoin Luffy and leaves Moria. Meanwhile, Luffy keeps charging forward until Smoker notices him, who immediately attacks. Ivankov wants to rush to help, but he is stopped by Bartholomew Kuma.

Luffy vs Smoker: Luffy remembers the Jitte set with Seastone, so he wants to get past the guy as quickly as possible and therefore switches to Gear 2. Luffy’s attacks fizzle out on Smoker due to his Logia Devil powers, who goes up in the air with the White Launcher afterwards. Tashigi goes to attack Luffy on the ground, but Luffy is faster, also leaping into the air and trying to hit Smoker. But with his jitte, Smoker rams Luffy back to the ground. What was finished by Dragon back in Loguetown, he now wants to settle without anyone else interfering. Immediately after, he is knocked away with a kick from Hancock, who used her haki. Hancock’s face is contorted with anger and swears that Smoker, who attacked her lover, will not leave this island alive.

Ivankov vs. Bartholomew Kuma: Ivankov asks Bear what’s going on and why he doesn’t recognize him. Doflamingo, sitting on a pile of defeated pirates, interferes and tells him that it’s useless to talk to him since his former friend is already dead.

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