One Piece Episode 467


Meanwhile, Luffy and his alliance reached the battlefield of Marine Ford and allied with Whitebeard to rescue Ace.

Moby Dick: Luffy enlightens Whitebeard about what he heard over the radio on the navy ship. The information that Ace is to be executed sooner than specified is indeed important information for Whitebeard, for which he even thanks him, which in turn shocks many, as it seems that Luffy and Whitebeard consider each other equals. Shortly after, Luffy, quite literally, jumps into the fray to rush to Ace.

Battlefield: Jozu orders his division to follow in the footsteps of Ace’s little brother and advance as well. Jinbe, Ivankov, and the trannies also get into the action. Speed Jiru also charges forward with his division and attacks the marines.

Scaffold: Sengoku can’t believe that one pirate should have raised the fighting spirit of the others so much again, yet he believes that his plan is foolproof.

Moby Dick: Marco has now also heard about the early execution and therefore flew to Whitebeard. Marco explains that Squard will try to advance to them, but still has some problems. Whitebeard, meanwhile, says that it’s not like Sengoku to give out information so easily, so there must be a trick behind it.

Battlefield: Speed Jiru was about to enter the naval base with his division via Oars, but he is suddenly attacked by Admiral Kizaru. However, the latter does not care about the commander of the 14th Division and therefore prefers to attack Luffy. Ivankov, however, manages to push Luffy away with a Death Wink before he is hit by the laser beam.

Luffy’s Navy Ship: After Buggy sees the explosion of Kizaru’s laser, he gets so scared that he screams about wanting to go back home. The ex-prisoners misunderstand this and think Buggy wants to finish Kizaru off quickly so he can go home. Mr. 3 can’t believe the naivety of the ex-prisoners.

Battlefield: Luffy thanks Ivankov for his help as he is now attacked by a laser beam. However, the laser beam did not come from Kizaru, but from Bartholomew Kuma. Ivankov knows Bear is a samurai, yet he can’t believe the latter attacked him so easily, even though they’ve known each other for a long time. Before Ivankov can say anything about it, a second laser beam is fired by Bear, puncturing Ivankov’s hairdo. Ivankov tells Luffy to run ahead, he’ll take care of Bear. As soon as Luffy runs a little further, he is attacked by Fullbody and Jango. The two think Luffy is unlucky to run into them, with Luffy not even knowing who they actually are anymore. Jango tries to hypnotize Luffy, but an explosion briefly distracts Luffy, after which only Jango and Fullbody fall asleep. Hina is disappointed in her subordinates and kicks them away. She uses her devil powers to create a cage to trap Luffy. Not wanting to waste any more time, Luffy uses Gear 2 and jumps out of the cage before Hina presses the two cage walls together.

Bay Outside Marine Ford: Squard, meanwhile, has managed to fight his way with his crew to the hole Oars tore in the wall. He is about to go through it when Admiral Akainu approaches him.

Battlefield: Luffy has his hands full keeping the navy captains at bay and defeats one after the other. To finally get his revenge, Moria now interferes in Luffy’s battles. He plans to cut off Luffy’s shadow again and put him in Oars’s descendant like last time. Before that, however, the samurai resurrects some zombie marines from the ground so they can capture Luffy. Since this is a battlefield, Moria has an easy time getting new bodies suitable for fighting. Kizaru also makes Luffy’s situation worse by sending more marines after him.

Scaffold: Ace can no longer watch his little brother go up against this superior force and yells at him to stay away. Ace reminds Luffy that they promised to live their own adventures and that neither of them wanted to interfere. Ace says he couldn’t let such a weakling save him, which is why he should stay away. Ace said all this because he doesn’t want Luffy to meet the same fate as him. Ace then blames himself for everything. However, Luffy shouts to Ace that he is his brother and therefore will save him, no matter if the rules of piracy or anything else says otherwise.

Battlefield: Just as Luffy has left the soldiers behind, the zombies of Moria come in again and attack him. However, Jinbe appears at the right moment and washes the zombies away with a small flood of sea water, which is known to contain salt, and cleans them. Jinbe wants to take care of Moria, which is why Luffy should go on again. Luffy is about to move on when he is attacked by a giant from the Navy.

Scaffold: Meanwhile, Sengoku enlightens everyone that Luffy and Ace are not biological brothers, but just grew up together since their parents weren’t around. Sengoku then makes it publicly known that Luffy is the son of Dragon the Revolutionary. This news elicits different reactions from everyone. Buggy and Mr. 3 are shocked, Hancock doesn’t care as she continues to love Luffy, and Smoker finally understands why Dragon saved Luffy in Loguetown…etc.

Sabaody Archipelago: News of Dragon’s son spreads quickly among the reporters, who all immediately smell another huge story.

Scaffold: Garp doesn’t care that everyone knows now, since Luffy is already a famous outlaw and so this wouldn’t change anything.

Battlefield: Luffy defeats the giant with Gear 3 and calls out to Ace that he would save him even if he died in the process. All of the Whitebeard gang agree with Luffy.

Moby Dick: Whitebeard smilingly tells Marco to make sure this kid (Luffy) doesn’t die.

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