One Piece Episode 466


Marine Ford: Just as Sengoku’s secret plan to bring forward Ace’s execution was about to be executed, Luffy and the ex-prisoners from the Impel Down fell from the sky.

The events of 20 minutes ago are shown, explaining why Luffy & Co. are falling from the sky. After Whitebeard triggered a tsunami with his devil powers, Luffy & Co’s navy ship was caught by it and rode one of the waves all the way to Marine Ford. There, however, the wave was frozen by Admiral Aokiji, leaving them stuck for now. Ivankov, Crocodile, and Jinbe immediately looked to see what was below them and observed Marine Ford, where the war was already underway. Jinbe immediately knew who was to blame for the tsunami and its freezing. Since Ace was to be executed in three hours, Luffy decided that they should clear the ship of ice and then push it down the back end of the wave so that it would fall into the water, allowing them to continue. But suddenly the radio message was transmitted over the Den-den Mushi to inform all the marines of Ace’s early execution. Luffy didn’t want to waste any time now and rushed onto the ice with the others to break it, causing them to fall off.

Present: Since the ship was heavier overall, the first place it fell onto the ice was where Jozu had previously removed a massive chunk of ice. Thus, a hole was created in the ice, through which Luffy’s alliance fell in, making a water landing. The Devil Fruit Eaters were rescued by Jinbe. After Luffy regained consciousness, it took him a moment to realize where he was. When he remembered what had happened, he immediately tried to find out where Ace was. After running all over the ship once, defeating some marines that had climbed onto the ship, Luffy finally saw where his brother was. Luffy took a deep breath until he yelled over to Ace, who now recognized him. The ex-prisoners of Impel Down line up next to Luffy, who in turn makes it clear that he will now rescue Ace. Sengoku, on the other hand, is furious with Garp that his grandson is causing trouble again. Many of Luffy’s old acquaintances, such as Hawkeye, Gecko Moria, Hancock, and Smoker recognize him, and except for Hancock, they are not happy to see him again. Smoker wonders what the Straw Hat is doing with Crocodile. Admiral Akainu sees Garp’s grandson and Dragon’s son for the first time, but says he’ll take care of him for the good of everyone. Sengoku asks Jinbe if this is really his final answer, to which he answers in the affirmative, thus publicly giving up his title as one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. Crocodile doesn’t care about the whole thing, because he has a different goal than the rest.

Moby Dick: From ambush, Crocodile tries to finish off Whitebeard. However, the assassination attempt is stopped at the last moment by Luffy, who is in a Gear 2 state. Crocodile says that now that they’ve arrived here, their alliance doesn’t count and he’s told them from the beginning that he’s after Whitebeard’s head. Luffy doesn’t care about this. Since Whitebeard means a lot to Ace, he won’t let Crocodile kill him. Whitebeard remembers Luffy’s straw hat when it was still worn by Shanks, to which he remembers Shanks’ words about sacrificing his arm for the next generation. He also remembers how Ace proudly showed him his younger brother’s wanted poster. Whitebeard understands that Luffy wants to save his brother, but thinks that he is dead meat from such a battle. The speech and the look on Whitebeard’s face made Ivankov and Buggy tremble. However, Luffy yells at Whitebeard that this is not for him to decide, to which Ivankov and Buggy become even more frightened. Luffy says that he knows Whitebeard is trying to become King of the Pirates. However, Luffy tells him to his face that it won’t be Whitebeard, but himself. That Luffy dares to be so much in Whitebeard’s presence frightens both the pirates and the marines. Whitebeard’s angry look changes to a smile as he says that Luffy is quite bold, however he shouldn’t get in his way. Luffy simply replies that he’ll do what he wants. Buggy and Ivankov can’t believe that Luffy and Whitebeard are talking to each other as if they were equals. Afterwards, Luffy merely says that Ace just needs to hold out a little longer, because he’ll be with him soon.

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