One Piece Episode 464


Marine Ford, Battlefield: The battle between the Navy and Whitebeard’s Alliance is now in full swing. Suddenly, a large shadow appears in the smoke of the cannon fire. The shadow belongs to Little Oars Jr, who is being vigorously cheered on by the pirates. Moria is already making plans to take the giant’s body and thus rule over the “ultimate zombie” once again. On the Navy’s side, on the other hand, the Giant Squad is now out to stop Oars Jr. A navy ship tries to fire at Oars Jr. with everything they have. However, he just keeps going as if nothing is wrong, lifting up the Marine fighter and throwing it at the Marine giants. Ace is still shouting that he better back off, as he is far too big a target, but Oars Jr. doesn’t care, he wants to save Ace. Oars’s action created an opening in the bay, which means the pirates are now trying to get to the scaffold.

Battlefield near the scaffold: Koby is still frozen from the slaughter and the ever-increasing number of dead. When a pirate tries to take advantage of this to take Koby’s life, however, he is saved by Rear Admiral Yukimura, the conqueror of a thousand men. The latter asks Koby what he is doing here, on a battlefield you wouldn’t need someone so unprepared. Koby pounds the ice with his fist and tears come to his eyes at the realization of how helpless he is.

Battlefield near the Moby Dick: Some of the Marine giants have made it to Little Oars Jr. Lacroix has to admit that he never had to look up to anyone before Oars. Lacroix tries to attack the supergiant with his sword, but after a few sword slashes from Oars Jr’s sword, Lacroix’s blade breaks as well. After Oars Jr’s final attack, Lacroix goes down, to the horror of the other giants. Whitebeard then calls out to Oars that he shouldn’t push it so much. Oars Jr. in turn simply replies that he just wants to save Ace as soon as possible. Whitebeard understands this and then gives orders for Oars to back up. Little Oars Jr, meanwhile, beats away the remaining members of the giant commando. Realizing that they don’t stand a chance alone, the giants decide to attack together.

Port of Marine Ford: Some pirates have made it this far and challenge Boa Hancock. But she first beats the pirates back with Slave Arrow and then later personally intervenes in the fight by switching to hand-to-hand combat. During her attacks she petrifies everything she touches and smashes it again shortly afterwards. No one seems to be safe from Hancock’s attacks, not even some Navy members, whom Hancock also attacks. Hancock explains that while she agreed to take on Whitebeard’s men, she did not agree to join the Navy. Meanwhile, Little Oars Jr. has defeated the Marine giants and has also arrived at the harbor, where the Seven Samurai are already waiting for him. Bartholomew Kuma, upon seeing him, immediately prepares his Ursus Shock as well. Oars Jr, meanwhile, keeps repeating that he’s going to save Ace now. But as he slowly gets close enough, Bear throws his Ursus Shock at Oars, hitting him hard. Ace yells to Oars that enough is enough and he should stop. Oars gets down on his knees and sees the straw hat in front of him that Ace once gave him. Oars’s band of pirates are horrified to see their captain like this. Sengoku is amazed that Oars can move at all. Oars’s mind, meanwhile, is elsewhere, remembering how Ace gave him his hat.

Review of Oz: Ace asked Oars if he wasn’t hot because he’s always so close to the sun. When Oars confirmed this, Ace later gave him a large straw hat to give him shade. Oars’s gang made fun of Ace since this was his third attempt, the other two Ace had accidentally set on fire. Oars doesn’t care though, as this hat finally makes him feel cool, which is why he was so happy.

Present: Oars has almost made it to the mainland, but is beaten back by the cannons in his weakened state. The giant slowly goes down, remembering how much he loved Ace’s gift, which kept him from getting wet in the rain and which kept him from getting snowed on. Then when Oars regains consciousness and realizes he still can’t reach Ace, he wants to take down at least one of the Seven Samurai so the others can have it easier. Oars Jr. tries to crush Donquixote Doflamingo with his fist. However, the samurai is able to dodge the punch and makes sure Oars Jr. can’t move. Before the giant knows it, a mysterious force from Doflamingo cuts off Oars Jr’s leg. Little Oars Jr. has already reached the end of his strength, but still tries to reach Ace with that last bit of strength. Just before his fingers finally reach the scaffold, Oars is impaled by Gecko Moria’s Shadow Lance. Ace is pained by the sight of his old friend in this state, still trying to save him.

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