One Piece Episode 463


Marine Ford: The battle between Whitebeard’s alliance and the navy has begun. Shortly after the battle begins, Hawkeye now interferes, creating a massive shockwave with a slash of his sword that hurtles towards Whitebeard himself. Before the sword slash reaches Whitebeard, the commander of the 3rd division of Whitebeard’s gang, Jozu, gets in the way and intercepts the shockwave with his body. A huge crack can be seen in the ice, but Jozu is still standing. Thanks to his devil powers, Jozu is a diamond man and thus extremely tough. Many soldiers are so shocked by this that they don’t pay attention for a moment and are thus attacked by surprise by the pirates.

Scaffold: Sengoku calls the pirates fools and orders over the radio that some cannons should attack the ships aft, while the rest should attack the ice patches to stop the pirates from advancing. However, the commanders of the Whitebeard pirates still make headway. Admiral Kizaru also notices this, calls the commanders monsters, and now also rises from his seat to join in the fighting.

Battlefield: Kizaru wants to end it all by taking out Whitebeard right away, but Marco, commander of the 1st Division, interferes. Marco grows wings and confronts the admiral and his laser blasts. But after Kizaru’s attack, Marco is still alive and covered in blue flames. Even the Admiral has to admit that the Whitebeard pirates can be scary. Kizaru understands what’s wrong with Marco though, he ate from a fruit rarer than a Logia fruit, a Zoan fruit of mythological type. Marco is a phoenix human. He transforms into a full phoenix and attacks the Admiral, resulting in a fight between the two. After seeing Marco’s abilities, Kizaru orders the giant unit to keep an eye on the sky. Meanwhile, Jozu rips a giant block of ice out of the ground and throws it towards the scaffold.

Scaffold: The last of the three admirals, Akainu, gets up from his chair and condemns the other two for already leaving their positions, so now he has to deal with this alone. The admiral’s hand turns to liquid magma and it collects more and more in his arm. With his attack Dai Funka, Akainu not only melts the iceberg in the air in seconds, the rest of the attack comes crashing down on the pirates like dozens of meteorites.

Moby Dick: Whitebeard has to watch as one of his ships is hit and slowly burns. When one of these “meteors” crashes down on Whitebeard, he simply impales it with his naginata and blows out the fire. He then taunts Akainu that he should rather save such things for the candles of a birthday cake.

Battlefield: The pirates continue to advance. Even the giants can be stopped by the commanders. Commander of the 15th Division, Fossa, lights his sword with his cigar and cuts down several soldiers, as does Haruta, commander of the 8th Division. The commander of the 6th Division, Blamenco, again takes out a large hammer from the pocket in his neck, which is used to defeat several soldiers. More and more soldiers fall, even the captains. Koby and Helmeppo, watching the whole thing, are terrified to the core, so they can barely move. Helmeppo sees no way they could do anything here and wants Koby to flee the battlefield with him. Koby doesn’t really know, but Helmeppo thinks that if Koby wants to be an admiral, he should come with him rather than die here so soon. Just as Koby is still considering, the earth begins to tremble and a massive shadow shows on the horizon. Even some Vice Admirals who just defeated pirates en masse have to stop short when they spot the massive monstrosity approaching Marine Ford. The pirates fire at the monster, which is even bigger than a giant, and destroys the Marine’s cannons with one blow. The monster – Little Oars Jr – wants to save Ace. He is the descendant of the legendary Oars. Even Vice Admiral Doberman is terrified by the size of this giant. Moria rejoices, he himself didn’t know Oars still had descendants and immediately wants Little Oars Jr’s dead body for himself. Oars Jr. announces that he will not allow Ace to die, as he is a nice man.

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