One Piece Episode 462


Marine Ford: Ace shouts to his gang to leave, as it was his decision to chase Blackbeard and thus he also wants to accept the consequences. But Whitebeard denies this and claims, although this is not true, that he had ordered Ace to chase Blackbeard, which is why he will now free him from this situation. Ace says it’s a lie, but Marco also claims otherwise, stating that he also heard Whitebeard send Ace off. Shortly after, the entire crew calls out to Ace to just wait a bit because they’re about to get him out of there. The admirals find the situation a bit annoying, Gecko Moria and Doflamingo on the other hand are looking forward to the coming carnage.

Luffy’s Navy Ship: Luffy & Co.’s ship is suddenly hit by a fierce storm wind that causes it to go backwards quite a bit again. Only Jinbe can guess where this wind came from. However, as suddenly as it appeared, this wind disappears. Luffy asks Jinbe if they can still make it. The fish-man answers in the affirmative, saying everything would be fine. Buggy, on the other hand, thinks this would be nonsense and wants to take a nap first. The prisoners ask Buggy what they should do now, to which Buggy replies that the only thing they can do now is wait for a miracle. No sooner said than the ship is caught by a strong tailwind, causing it to pick up acceleration in the right direction again. Buggy again tells the prisoners that it is just as he had said, time would call him at the right moment to become king of the pirates. All the prisoners once again worship their hero, however the joy is quickly ruined by a huge wave approaching the ship from behind.

Marine Ford: Some soldiers notice the water level rising. As one soldier looks to the horizon with binoculars, they see what triggered Whitebeard’s seaquake to begin with: a massive tsunami that threatens to destroy Marine Ford. Garp quickly explains to everyone the origin of the tsunami: Whitebeard’s earthquake fruit power. Sengoku wants them to be ready for anything, as Whitebeard has the power to destroy the entire world. For both sides, the tsunami is the starting signal for war, whereupon everyone draws their weapons. But before the tsunami wave reaches Marine Ford, Admiral Aokiji leaps into the air and freezes the waves with Ice Age. However, this was just the beginning. Aokiji attacks Whitebeard right after with Partisan. However, before the ice lances can reach Whitebeard, he uses his devil powers again. By causing the air to shatter again, the ice lances and Aokiji himself shatter. When Aokiji’s body threatens to fall into the sea, he has it frozen beforehand so that he can have solid ground under his feet. After the entire bay is frozen, creating a new ground for the battle, the marines immediately fire their cannons to sink the Moby Dick, while the pirates jump off their ships and charge. With that, the battle finally begins and the Whitebeard pirates seem to still have the upper hand in the fight. Lieutenant Tashigi is about to attempt a fight with “Flower Sword” Vista, but is nearly taken down from behind by a pirate. Smoker saves her at the last second and reminds Tashigi not to underestimate anyone present, as everyone here would be powerful pirates, not just Whitebeard’s commanders. On the pirate side, those who remained on the ships try to attack the navy ships and soldiers with cannons, but the cannonballs are cut by the navy vice admirals before they reach their target. Vice Admiral Yamakaji and Comil ask Crane why she is also at the front and if it wouldn’t be better if she stayed at the back and enjoyed some tea. But the latter only says they shouldn’t talk to her like that, besides there is no safe place in such a situation. Squard, meanwhile, leads his band of pirates onto the battlefield. He does not fear the navy and thinks that he would be happy to sacrifice his life for their father (Whitebeard).

Scaffold: Hawkeye is just returning to his colleagues. He has checked the distance between them and Whitebeard. It seems that Hawkeye now wants to join the fight as well. Even Hancock thinks that even an experienced fighter would stop in fear at the sight of Hawkeye’s eyes. Vista, on the other hand, has always wanted to see Hawkeye, as it is every swordsman’s dream to compete with the great swordsman one day. When Dracule Mihawk draws his sword, Tashigi recognizes it as the “Black Sword”, one of the twelve strongest swords in the world. Dracule Mihawk sends a sword thrust towards Whitebeard, which makes its way through the ice to him.

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