One Piece Episode 460


Marine Ford: Before the eyes and ears of the entire world, Grand Admiral Sengoku has announced that Ace’s father is none other than the pirate king Gol D. Roger.

Sabaody Archipelago: All the people are shocked that the legend of Gold Roger, through his son, still persists. Some even wonder if Ace might know something about the One Piece.

Marine Ford: Except for the three admirals and a few vice admirals, no one seems to have known about this information. Koby, Helmeppo, and Hancock wonder, since this proves Luffy and Ace are not blood brothers. Garp reminisces about the time he had his last conversation with Roger.

Past, Roger in his cell: Roger tells Garp that he will soon be a father, but unfortunately he will not live to see the birth. Garp asks Roger why he is telling him this, since both mother and child would be executed for being connected to Gold Roger. However, this is exactly the reason Roger wanted to talk to Garp. Roger’s child has done nothing wrong, which is why it would be a shame to execute him. Through their countless battles, Roger trusts Garp as much as he trusts one of his best friends, and for that reason, he asks him to watch over his child.

A few months after Roger’s execution: Islands visited by Roger in recent months are visited by the Navy. The navy wants to investigate all children born recently or yet to be born, and execute any suspects on the spot if necessary, just to make sure the pirate king’s bloodline no longer exists. Even families that have a father will be investigated as it could possibly be a fake. Portgas D. Rouge, however, manages to elude the navy. As the navy stays on the island for months and keeps investigating, they delay the birth as much as they can. But one night, Garp comes to Rouge and wants to take care of her until the day of Ace’s birth. But after Ace’s birth, Rouge has little time left on earth and she passes away after a few minutes. Garp takes the child with him and brings him to Dadan so she can raise him.

Ten years later: Garp brings Luffy to Dadan and Ace to live on.

Last but not least, Garp remembers visiting Ace at the Impel Down a few days ago and Ace explaining to him why he took his mother’s name and that he doesn’t accept his biological father.

Marine Ford, present day: Sengoku continues. Ten years ago, Ace had gone to sea and made a name for himself in a flash with his Spade pirate gang. From then on, the Navy already suspected that the pirate king’s blood lived on. However, Ace had quickly become untouchable to them because Whitebeard took him on his ship, probably just to make Ace the next pirate king. Ace denies this, however, as he wanted to make the very same the next pirate king. However, Sengoku states that Ace is the only one who believes this. Because of Whitebeard, they couldn’t get to Ace and it wouldn’t have been long before Ace’s abilities would have been great enough to become the next king of the pirates. That’s why it’s so important to execute Ace, even if it means fighting a war with Whitebeard. Sengoku suddenly receives a report that the Gate of Justice to Marine Ford has opened without permission and no contact can be made with the control room.

Luffy & Co’s Navy Ship: Luffy lunges to break down the gate like this, but suddenly it opens by itself. Everyone wonders what’s going on and who opened the gate, while Buggy positions himself at the very front of the ship, holding a stick and pretending to have opened the gate himself. Most of the prisoners believe this, of course, and worship Buggy as their messiah. Luffy doesn’t care who opened the gate for now.

Marine Ford: In the fog, some soldiers suddenly spot a massive armada of various pirate ships heading towards the island. All the pirate ships are led by famous pirate captains from the New World. But among the 43 pirate ships, there is no trace of Whitebeard’s ship – the Moby Dick. Too late, Garp and Crane realize where Whitebeard wants to appear. Sengoku now understands that Whitebeard surely had his ship coated by a coating craftsman to make it submersible. In the middle of the bay, the mighty Moby Dick appears, thus having long since left behind all the naval vessels that have been placed off the island.

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