One Piece Episode 456


Kuraigana: Zoro was forced by Perona to stay with her. However, one night Zoro manages to escape and runs through the forest. Perona, in turn, looks everywhere with her spirits to see where Zoro may have stayed.

A few hours earlier: Perona wanted to annoy Zoro and told him in which room his swords are, in order to attack him with her Negative Hollow right afterwards. But Zoro has been wandering the castle for two days now, trying to find the room where he slept in order to get his swords from there. No matter how many clues Perona gives him, he just can’t find his swords. As Zoro is about to run back into the room where Perona is, she asks him how stupid he can be, since all he would have to do is run up the stairs behind them and then go straight to the room. Perona can’t believe how pathetic Zoro is without his swords and even sheds tears over the latter’s situation. Zoro, on the other hand, gets upset since he is in this situation because of her, after all, she had hidden his swords from him. Perona doesn’t seem to want to listen and cheers Zoro on that something good will happen to him one day, which is why he shouldn’t give up. Zoro just gets annoyed by this talk. Eventually, Perona personally walked him to the room with his swords. She says that it wouldn’t mean anything since what Zoro sees in front of him isn’t the real her after all, but just a ghost that Zoro can’t attack. Secretly, Perona wants to use Zoro to return to Thriller Bark. While she is lost in thought, Zoro cuts the wall to create an escape route and escape from the castle.

Back in the present, Zoro is still running through the forest, wondering what happened to Luffy and the others, which is why he’s trying to get back to the Sabaody Archipelago. When the swordsman finally leaves the forest, he’s standing several hundred yards away from a castle, thinking it’s surely a different one than the one he just escaped from. Perona passes by at that moment and can’t believe what she’s hearing. In the end, Perona decides she’d rather take Zoro to the coast herself, since even if they get there, they don’t necessarily have to go where the Straw Hat Pirate wants to go. Since Zoro can even get lost following someone, it’s quite exhausting for Perona to travel with him. Both of them don’t notice that they are being watched. When they suddenly hear noise, Perona believes that someone else has been sent to the island and wants to scout it out, explaining that she no longer needs Zoro as he is far too annoying and boring a toy. When Perona flies away and tries to get to where the noise came from, Zoro is already standing there. Perona asks him why he is here. To which he replies that he was just trying to get to the coast by himself. Zoro and Perona find themselves in a ruined city. Zoro notices an axe next to a tree and realizes that the tree must have been cut down recently. Perona is disappointed that no one new has been brought to the island. However, she likes the atmosphere of the ruins as they are reminiscent of a post-war era, so she hopes that some restless spirits have cut down the tree. They both explore the ruins thoroughly afterwards. However, there doesn’t seem to be anyone around. Suddenly, they discover a massive tombstone carved from a single tree. Zoro suddenly hears something behind him, making him certain that someone else is here. Quickly and without warning, Zoro is attacked by several assailants. Perona warns Zoro to look behind him and suddenly the swordsman finds himself surrounded by several people you can’t quite make out. However, these creatures with their fangs don’t seem to be necessarily human.

Namakura in Harahettarnia Village: Brook wonders in the morning if all his friends can see the sun right now, like he can. He ends up certain that they can, and that as long as he stays alive, he’ll be able to see it again, looking at the Vivre Card. Brook walks out into the village, noticing for the first time how poor it actually looks. He hadn’t noticed this the night he showed up, and also only now does he notice that his hat was filled with many strange items needed for rituals and voodoo. The villagers come to Brook at this moment to bring him his breakfast. On this occasion, the mayor Pekkori also introduces himself right away. As Brook stands in front of the young lady holding his food, she gets an anxious look on her face. Then, in a serious voice, Brook asks if he might see her panties. Pekkori immediately asks everyone to show Brook their underwear. Brook, on the other hand, didn’t want this at all, since he has no interest in men’s underwear. After eating, Brook is grateful for everything, not knowing that the other villagers are very hungry and Brook just ate their week’s supply. Brook then wanted to ask the villagers for a favor, as he desperately needs a ship to sail away. Pekkori then asks if they did anything wrong and wants everyone to show him their underwear again right away. When even that doesn’t work, Pekkori is distraught and wants to take his own life. Then, before it gets to that point, the skeleton would rather hear the whole story, since he heard about a long-armed human tribe last night. Pekkori explains that their poor village has long been terrorized by a long-armed human tribe that not only steals their money and food, but also kidnaps villagers when it feels like it. Therefore, the villagers pray to all the gods to rid them of this plague. But when it didn’t work, they indulged in black magic and sure enough, they had then managed to summon Satan (whereas it was actually Brook who just landed after Bear’s attack). Pekkori tells Brook that he is their last hope. Suddenly, they hear screaming from outside. The girl who used to ask Brook for her underwear has been kidnapped by the longarm human tribe. The villagers then want Brook to bring her back to them. Brook understands why no one helped her, whereupon all the villagers once again beg him to punish the Long-Armed People in their place. Brook understands how dependent these people are on others. However, since everyone has been so nice to him, the Straw Hat Pirate owes them, so he agrees to help them. Brook then immediately sets about writing a new composition, as he can’t leave here until his debt is paid.

Luffy’s Navy Ship: Crocodile complains to Jinbe about them being too slow and not arriving at the end when everything is already over. After all, he wants to be the one to get Whitebeard’s head, not the Navy. Jinbe is annoyed by these words, to which Crocodile asks if Jinbe wants to be first. Just before they both come to blows, Luffy finally gets up from his seat, at which point they both let up from their fight.

Marine Ford: Ace is waiting in his cell for his execution, which is set to begin soon.

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