One Piece Episode 454


Marine Ford of Luffy & Co: Luffy understood through Jinbe that breaking into Marine Ford will be more difficult than breaking into Impel Down, as Marine Ford is already preparing to fight Whitebeard.

Momoiro: Sanji is still on the run from the trannies on the island who want to make him one of them, and is hiding on the coast. He had tried to beat them back again and again, and also kicked a giant rock at them, but all of them, like Bon Kurei, mastered fag kung fu and shattered the rock with one kick each.

At Kamabakka Castle: The trannies report to Ivankov’s deputy that they still haven’t gotten the newcomer on their side. The latter therefore wants to resort to old different methods to get him to join them.

The next day, Sanji is again on the run from several trannies. He doesn’t see where he’s running to, and thus doesn’t notice the trannies herding him into Kamabakka Castle. Only when the castle gates close behind him does the Cook notice where he is now. Even inside the castle, Sanji continues to be pursued until he meets Caroline, Ivankov’s second-in-command, in the throne room. Caroline immediately introduces herself as the island’s surrogate queen and seems very proud of that title. Sanji on the other hand doesn’t care, he just wants to get off this island as soon as possible. Caroline tells him that this is not possible until he has won against the strongest transgender on the island in battle. Sanji immediately accepts the challenge. But Caroline sets the condition that Sanji must compete in a traditional fighting costume.

A little later, out by the lake: Sanji is, by necessity, wearing a pink dress, high-heeled shoes, and makeup, which only reinforces his desire to get off this island. Sanji’s opponent in this fight is Caroline, who describes herself as a “substitute master” of fag kung fu. Sanji tries to attack Caroline, however his opponent is far too fast for him, dodging each of his attacks while still looking up his dress. Sanji becomes too embarrassed by this, so he tries to stop Caroline from looking up his dress. Caroline then says that this is natural and any virgin can’t stand to have their underwear seen. Caroline talks Sanji into thinking that he must be starting to have doubts inside of him and that he should slowly accept his true self. Sanji seems confused, which is why Caroline uses the Fag Kung Fu Technique: “Awakening of the Inner Maiden”. After this attack, Sanji acts more and more like a girl. Sanji loses his real self and becomes more and more someone else. Some time later, Sanji – as a transgender – is walking around on the beach with the other trannies. He thinks of Nami and Robin and hopes to see them only so they can become good friends.

Torino: Chopper, in his human form, goes to a cave in a tree with some fruits. Actually, he would prefer to get off this island because the birds treat him like a toy and the humans want to eat him. Also, the birds and the humans on the island fight with each other incessantly. Chopper brings the fruit to eat to a huge chick, which hurt its feet.

A few days earlier: Chopper found the chick when he was trying to make herbs into medicine in his den and heard something outside. The chick seemed to have fallen from one of the higher nests. Chopper immediately helped the chick when he saw that it had sustained injuries.

Present: The chick’s feet are almost healed by now. Chopper hopes that the little one will soon have enough energy to learn to fly and get back to his nest. With that, he gets an idea and asks the bird if he could fly him to the Sabaody Archipelago once he learns to fly. Even though the chick can’t understand Chopper very well, he promises to do so. When Chopper wakes up the next day, the chick is gone.

In the forest: Chopper is looking for the chick, who is taking a walk now that he can walk again. While doing so, Chopper sees the humans who are still looking for him or something edible. As Chopper quickly runs away, he runs right into the chick he is looking for. This one is so loud that it draws the humans’ attention to itself and Chopper. A chase ensues, with Chopper and the chick ultimately being driven to a hillside. The giant birds join in, but only take their chick and push Chopper off the cliff. The latter just manages to save himself with Double Plush. He hopes the chick will remember its promise, but it occurs to him afterwards that it may be a very long time before the little bird is fully grown and can fly such a route all the way to the Sabaody Archipelago. When Chopper sees the humans and the birds fighting again, he just wants to be rescued by his friends.

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