One Piece Episode 453


Marine Ford of Luffy & Co: Luffy is looking at the sea when Jinbe comes to him. The latter tries to tell Luffy again how big the upcoming battle will be and that Marine Ford is the biggest fortress as well as the Impel Down the biggest prison in the world.

Weatheria: Nami is sitting on a hill, looking apprehensively at the log port, when the old man Haredas, with whom she has been staying since her arrival, joins her. The latter hands her a cloud, calls it Cloud Candy and asks how it would taste, since it had been difficult to make such a cloud. But he had surprised Nami with it, which is why her head was stuck in the cloud and it took a while to get out before she would have suffocated. After Nami punches him, she takes some of the cloud and asks him if the island would really fly towards the Sabaody Archipelago. Haredas assures her that it is, and explains that he’s doing her a favor. However, the journey takes quite a long time, so they had only gotten 200 yards yesterday, much to Nami’s chagrin. Nami thinks that if this weren’t a sky island, she would have left long ago. Haredas then asks her if she’d like to go downstairs with him, since he wanted to run some errands. A short time later, they are both on an elevator to the lower part of the island. Haredas explains to Nami that his research is quite expensive, which is why he has to go downstairs every now and then to do some business with his knowledge. Once in the lower part of the island, Nami finds himself in a port of sorts. Using a small ship that functions like a zeppelin, Nami and Haredas then set out to fly down.

Parched Land: Nami and Haredas are in a desert-like land some time later. Everything is parched and withered. Haredas makes the villagers an offer to help them get rain clouds with his knowledge. In return, however, they are to pay him 100 million berry. Unfortunately, the small village cannot afford this, and Nami tells Haredas that this is far too large a sum. At this, the old man thinks for a moment and makes a new price of 100 berry. Nami can’t believe that her companion has no business sense whatsoever. Using his machine in the ship, Haredas then makes some soap bubbles that have rain clouds in them. Using the wind knot, Nami is then supposed to make the soap bubbles fly into the sky, where they burst, releasing the clouds, which begin to rain. The villagers are stunned and very happy. Meanwhile, Haredas tells Nami that he talked to the mayor and he will give Nami provisions if she wants to go to Sabaody Archipelago from here now. But Nami refuses. She has found interest in weather science and wants to go back to Weatheria with Haredas so that he can teach her about it during her trip to the archipelago.

Karakuri: Franky is still fueled by tea instead of Coke, so he’s still a laid-back gentleman. He’s reading the news in the paper about how the land where Nami just was finally got rain after a long time, while drinking his tea. Kitton and Taroimo are still disappointed that Franky is not like he used to be. Kitton then asks his grandfather if there’s anything they can do about it, to which he explains that although the Coke was ordered for Franky, it hasn’t arrived yet and unfortunately, only it could give him back his wildness. Kitton, however, comes up with another idea how he could give Franky back his “wildness” and brings Franky together with his bed into the wilderness at night.

Forest of Mechanical Animals: When Franky wakes up the next morning, he wonders how he got here. Since it is very cold, he tries to keep warm and accidentally ties a snake around his neck, thinking it was a scarf. However, the snake is a cyborg and attacks Franky. Franky immediately runs away and finds a warning sign on the ground saying that this is the forest of mechanical beasts. Kitton, who is hiding nearby, wants Franky to get his ferocity back through this survival training. Franky meanwhile finds himself surrounded by a horde of cyborg animals trying to defend their territory. Franky, in turn, offered the animals some tea since it was already breakfast time. However, the animals rushed at Franky to attack him. Franky, however, just walks out of the fight and goes back to drinking his tea with relish. Kitton is disappointed that his plan didn’t work, but he is attacked by a cyborg gorilla shortly after. Franky puts himself between Kitton and the gorilla and tries to stop him from his actions by talking, but the gorilla punches Franky several times. Franky doesn’t fight back one bit while the gorilla keeps him pinned to the ground to keep punching him. However, punching Franky repeatedly shakes the tea inside him, causing bubbles to form inside it, like pseudo-carbonic acid. The result is that Franky goes back to his old self, grabs the gorilla and uses it to beat up the other animals. The action had saved him, Kitton, and Taroimo, but Franky used up all his energy in the process. Kitton knows a place where they can hide though. Kitton wants to lead Franky to Dr. Vegapunk’s house, as they may find a machine there to make cola. When Franky asks who he is, Kitton explains that he is a great genius of this island, which also invented all the cyborg animals in this forest. But he left the island and left the wild cyborg animals here.

Dr. Vegapunk’s House: Kitton explains that his grandfather always warned him to come here because it was too dangerous. Nevertheless, he goes in with Franky and Taroimo. But as soon as they enter the house, the security system activates and something big stands in front of Franky and Kitton.

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