One Piece Episode 452


Impel Down: After Luffy’s successful escape from prison with 241 other prisoners, Shiryu goes to Level 4, where he gives Blackbeard and his gang an antidote to Magellan’s poison. The Blackbeard gang thanks Shiryu and Blackbeard himself welcomes Shiryu again as a new member of the gang.

Luffy & Co’s Navy Ship: Buggy toasts their successful escape with some ex-prisoners and a small celebration begins. Ivankov, meanwhile, is explaining to some trannies why Inazuma hasn’t woken up yet. Ivankov had equipped himself with both the healing and tension hormones in order to get up quickly. Since the Tension Hormones take years off your life, he didn’t want to use them on Inazuma because he’s too important to the Revolutionaries, so the rest of his healing should go naturally.

At the back of the ship: Luffy, Mr. 3 as well as many trannies are still mourning the loss of Bon Kurei. When Buggy sees this, he says, slightly drunk, that they should finally stop mourning, since Bon Kurei is surely dead and this won’t help him anymore. Therefore, according to Buggy, they should rather celebrate. He even makes the suggestion that they could make it not only a breakout, but a death celebration for Bon Kurei at the same time. But that’s when it became too much for Luffy, which is why he punched Buggy in the nose first. This leads to a fight between Buggy and Luffy.

At the helm: Crocodile and Jinbe are talking, as Crocodile was surprised that Jinbe can also communicate with fish, as he believed that only mermaids were capable of doing so. Crocodile therefore surmises that Jinbe might really be an exception to his otherwise brutish race. Jinbe takes this as a compliment, as he reluctantly admits that his kind really are a bit brutal at times. Then when Luffy comes along, Jinbe says that he owes Luffy a lot for giving him a chance to save Ace. Luffy doesn’t care that much, he’s more impressed with Jinbe’s strength. In his mind, Jinbe would love to thank Luffy again and apologize for what happened back then with Arlong, but he keeps this to himself for now. Jinbe now introduces himself properly to Luffy with his name and former title. Unnoticed, Buggy has come along to take revenge on Luffy for his punch. However, the latter then overhears Jinbe saying that they are now heading to the naval headquarters. Luffy is the only one shocked when Jinbe tells him that he was one of the Seven Samurai. Buggy, on the other hand, is shocked as they head to the naval headquarters. When the other ex-prisoners also hear about this, Mr. 3 and Buggy try to stop Jinbe from going on with the ship, which of course fails. The ex-prisoners are getting desperate, as they would then rather be back in prison than be dragged into this war between the Navy and the Whitebeard gang.

Mainmast: Suddenly you hear a Den-den Mushi from the mainmast, which is why most people immediately run there. Since this is a navy ship, everyone can guess that it’s probably the navy on the other end. Nevertheless, without thinking, Luffy just goes to the Den-den Mushi and picks up. It’s Navy HQ, who has been notified that the ship has been taken by the former prisoners of the Impel Down. The Navy blames Luffy and Buggy as the main culprits for this breakout, with many surprised that Buggy is preferred over former Seven Samurai members. The Navy states that they initially just thought Buggy was a small insignificant pirate. However, they have now found out that Buggy was on Gold Roger’s ship and was a good friend of one of the Four Emperors, Shanks. These facts cause horror and amazement to most on the ship. The Marine also states that they would never open the gate of justice for Marine Ford for them, which is why they should abandon their quest to save Ace. Luffy, however, yells through the Den-den Mushi that he would save Ace no matter the cost, and then hangs up. Buggy, meanwhile, is horrified that the Navy has uncovered his past, as it’s now likely to haunt him more than ever. Luffy is the only one not shocked by Buggy’s story, and casually mentions that he met Rayleigh. Buggy is glad to hear that the latter is still alive, subconsciously confirming what the Marine said. From then on, most of the ex-prisoners revere Buggy even more than they already did up to that point, as their “great hero and savior” is also a “legend”. Buggy is initially very uncomfortable with the ex-prisoners wanting to celebrate him because of his apprentice days, but he quickly takes a liking to it. He believes that if he properly exploits this overestimation of his abilities, he might be able to defeat Whitebeard and take his place as pirate emperor with a little luck. But then his imagination runs away with him and he already sees himself more as the future king of the pirates. The ex-prisoners have sworn allegiance to Buggy and want to steal Luffy & Co’s ship for him so they don’t have to go to naval headquarters anymore. When they want to start a mutiny like this, Crocodile would rather kill them all right away. But Buggy beats him to it and convinces them with a big speech that they should go to Marine Ford to kill Whitebeard and make a name for themselves in the world. The mutiny was thus averted.

Marine Ford: The ship carrying Ace is about to arrive at the port of Marine Ford. The non-Navy residents of the town are therefore evacuated and taken to a ship.

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