One Piece Episode 448


Level 3: Luffy’s alliance is pursued by Magellan’s Hydra. Many fugitives fall victim to the poisonous snake, but Bon Kurei insists that Luffy not turn around and keep running. Together they manage to reach the steps to Level 2, but Magellan is hot on their heels. Ivankov and Inazuma stay behind until the last prisoner reaches the steps and Magellan appears. Ivankov wants to take on Magellan to buy his friends time, while Inazuma runs up and destroys the stairs on his orders. Ivankov transforms back into his male form and the fight begins.

Level 2: Luffy & Co. run to the steps after Level 1 and finish off the wandering beasts that get in their way. In the process, Luffy notices that Magellan seems to have stopped chasing them. Bon Kurei explains that Ivankov and Inazuma stayed behind to stop him. Luffy wants to go back to support them, but Bon Kurei admonishes Luffy. He should believe in their strength and keep running.

Level 1: Buggy frees more prisoners, which Mr. 3 in turn supplies with weapons from the armory. The guards in this level don’t stand a chance and are overrun by the angry mob.

Level 4: Sady has been freed and wants to take revenge on Ivankov for her defeat. She orders the defeated guard beasts to get up and start the chase, using the elevator.

There are 4 ½ hours left before Ace’s execution.

Level 2: Jinbe explains the plan to Luffy again, that they need to steal one of the navy ships outside to get to Marine Ford.

Level 3: Ivankov pulls a prank on Magellan by initially pretending that the poison is melting his face. However, since Ivankov simply uses too much makeup, this is not the case. He throws his makeup away and attacks Magellan with some Death Winks. Magellan is able to fend these off, saying that there’s no point in playing for time. Ivankov thinks this is a shame as he is having a great time, however they both want to end it, with Ivankov using his strongest Newkama Kenpou technique: Mudageshori Ken.

Level 2: Inazuma is still waiting for Ivankov at the destroyed stairs. When something moves under the rubble, he initially thinks he sees his old friend again, but instead Magellan, who has a small wound on his head, emerges, having poisoned Ivankov. Inazuma tries to stop the poison man with Keep Out, but he seems unimpressed with his abilities.

Level 1: Buggy and the prisoners are escaping from the 4 guardian beasts that are after them. Buggy is about to abandon his escape plan when he suddenly meets Crocodile. Buggy and especially Mr. 3 are shocked when they see him, but they are even more shocked when they realize that Luffy and Jinbe have just defeated all 4 Guardian Beasts. Luffy is glad that the two of them are okay. These words hurt them both and make their guilt grow. Shortly after, the rest of Luffy’s alliance appears, with Bon Kurei “thanking” Buggy and Mr. 3 with a few kicks for abandoning him in Level 5. The guards of Level 1 don’t know what to do now that both uprisings have now united, when suddenly Magellan shows up. Luffy and Bon Kurei realize that Ivankov and Inazuma must have lost their battles.

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