One Piece Episode 447


Level 4: After Luffy’s fight against Hannyabal, Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard suddenly appears with his crew. After Luffy learns that he was the one who turned Ace over to the world government, he attacks him with a gum-gum jet pistol. The attack is successful and Blackbeard takes a while to get back up. When Luffy wants to attack further, Blackbeard is able to stop him with his black vortex and hold him with his eclipse, which is why Luffy has no more devil powers for that moment. Blackbeard rams Luffy into the ground, who spits blood even though he’s made of rubber. Luffy is able to get back up after this, and Blackbeard explains that devil fruit users are powerless against him. Luffy doesn’t care about this. As the Straw Hat Captain goes for another jet attack, he is stopped by Jinbe. The latter tries to convince Luffy to calm down first and remember where his priority lies (saving Ace). Besides, attacking in anger against someone who was strong enough to defeat Ace is a waste of time, he says. Blackbeard says that Luffy is stronger than he thought and even his Haki has gotten stronger. Crocodile thinks it’s strange that Blackbeard is here risking his title as a samurai that he worked hard to earn, so he asks what he’s up to. Blackbeard only replies that it’s all part of his plan. The conversation is then interrupted, however, when some trannies notice that Magellan is on his way to meet them, at which point the prisoners rush off to leave. Sady wants to finish her fight with Ivankov first, who manages to steal her whip and attack her with it. Meanwhile, the prisoners who ran up the stairs to Level 3 are in trouble, as the Minotaur has reappeared. Bon Kurei wonders about its appearance. Crocodile enlightens him that it’s no wonder, as all the guardian beasts are “awakened” Zoan Devil Fruit users who recover quickly.

Meanwhile, Magellan receives word that Blackbeard has appeared in Level 4. Also, the surveillance room has been attacked and almost completely destroyed. However, the guards who inform Magellan of this via Den-den Mushi are cut down by Shiryu shortly after. Meanwhile, Magellan can’t believe that the whole thing only happened because one person managed to sneak into the Grand Prison.

Level 1: Buggy, Mr. 3 and the prisoners they freed are about to exit and overjoyed.

Stairs from Level 3 to Level 4: Luffy tells Blackbeard that he will save Ace and walks past him. Blackbeard comments that nothing is impossible, just like Sky Island and the One Piece. Before Blackbeard goes any further, he announces that he and his gang will rock the entire world in a few hours. Shortly after, the Minotaur shows up and stands in Luffy’s way. The latter takes out his suppressed anger on him and this time defeats him with a single Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol. After that, Luffy’s alliance heads to level 3.

Level 4: Magellan finds Sady tied up by Ivankov with her own whip. Magellan orders the other guards to free Sady while he takes care of the rest. Shortly after, he encounters the Blackbeard pirate gang. Not wanting to waste any time, Magellan attacks the entire gang with his Hydra, whereupon they collapse poisoned. Magellan continues to the gate to level 3, where he finds the defeated Hannyabal. Magellan immediately has him treated, saying that he cannot die now, as he is the only one who can one day take his place. While Magellan finds his defeated troops scattered everywhere, he wonders how Luffy could possibly survive his poison. The leader vows that Luffy will not escape this prison alive and takes up pursuit.

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