One Piece Episode 445


While Luffy (currently at level 4) is trying to break out of Impel Down with a small army of prisoners, Blackbeard and his gang are trying to invade it. To put an end to this, Magellan has decided to release Shiryu to take care of Blackbeard.

Level 4: More and more prisoners are released to join Luffy’s alliance. Meanwhile, Saldeath has brought the Blugoris to Level 4 to deal with Ivankov’s trannies. Ivankov, however, is able to repel them with his Hell Wink. However, the three Guardian Beasts are now attacking with Sady. Luffy and Jinbe want to fight them, but then the Newkama Six Forces squad appears to take this task from Luffy. But they don’t stand a chance and are defeated, so in the end Luffy, Jinbe and Crocodile intervene and finish off the Guardian Beasts with one attack each.

Level 2: Buggy and Mr. 3 have problems getting to level 1, because Magellan has blocked the exit with a poison block. The prisoners ask Buggy what they should do now. Buggy has no idea, but doesn’t say so out loud, instead saying that they can surely rely on Mr. 3’s guard somehow. Sure enough, he manages to enclose the poison with his wax, which keeps them safe from it for now. The prisoners immediately hail Buggy for his great idea, even though he hadn’t thought of such a thing. Nevertheless Buggy pretends to have planned this from the beginning to further increase his reputation. But now the block still blocks the exit. The prisoners aren’t worried, though, because they think Buggy already has an idea. Through another misunderstanding, Mr. 3 thinks he heard Buggy say to use his wax again, to which he remembers how Luffy defeated the Minotaur with a Gomu Gomu no Tsuchi Rifle and that maybe they can manage to get rid of the block that way too. Mr. 3’s Candle-Lock causes Buggy’s hand to be encased in wax, whereupon he uses his Flashy Mallet attack. However, the hand gets stuck in the block and Buggy has to try to pull it out. In his rage, Buggy starts swearing at the block and Magellan, while the rest of the prisoners think Buggy still has his fighting spirit and hasn’t given up even in such a situation. Some prisoners then swear allegiance to him.

Level 1: Blackbeard and his gang keep advancing and nobody seems to be able to stop him. But then suddenly Shiryu appears, who wants to take on Blackbeard.

Meanwhile, Magellan is in the elevator descending to level 4.

Level 4: Sady fights the prisoners to get revenge for her Guardian Beasts. She incapacitates some with her Red Devil whip. Ivankov exhorts Luffy to move on while he goes after Sady. For this fight, Ivankov equips himself with his female hormones.

Control Room: Meanwhile, trying to contact Level 1, but no one seems to be responding. Blackbeard continues on his way, while Shiryu seems to have moved away from the battlefield.

Level 4: Ivankov and Sady engage in a fierce battle. Meanwhile, Luffy, Inazuma & Co. continue to try to advance. Just as they reach the gate to Level 3, it opens and the prisoners trying to go through are knocked back again. Hannyabal is behind the gate, ready to fight off anyone who dares to escape the prison.

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