One Piece Episode 444


After Ace is handed over to the Navy and taken by them to Marine Ford, Luffy decides to follow his brother and then free him there, but he must first break out of Impel Down. To this end, he freed Crocodile and Jinbe, who were strong allies with Ivankov and his trannies. Crocodile in turn freed Daz Bonez and some prisoners on level 4 to get more support.

Level 2: Many Blugori and Manticores set out to stop Luffy’s alliance. With all the guards gone, Buggy and Mr. 3 can’t believe their luck, which is why they’re about to cry. Finally, it seems like a lucky streak is about to begin for the two of them as they have the opportunity to break out. Buggy and Mr. 3 immediately free all the prisoners from Level 2, causing more trouble and gaining allies. Buggy’s reputation with the prisoners increases greatly in the process.

Meanwhile, Hannyabal learns of the chaos in Level 2 and is shocked. The remaining guards who remained in Level 2 plead for help before contact is lost with them. In turn, the guards at Level 4 report that all the prisoners who were missing when the demon disappeared are now back, and with Ivankov, Inazuma, and Bon Kurei in a massive mob helping Luffy. Everything seems to be getting out of hand for Hannyabal now. Totally desperate, Hannyabal doesn’t know what to do or where to send reinforcements now.

Level 4: The guards are defeated in order and don’t stand a chance against Luffy’s squad. To defeat many at once, Ivankov grows his head with some hormones so he can take out the guards with his Hell Wink.

Outside Impel Down: On the Navy ship, Vice Admiral Onigumo tells Ace to take another good look at the sky, as this would be his last chance to do so. Ace does this just before they reach the Gate of Justice to Marine Ford.

In Marine Ford, Sengoku receives news that Blackbeard and his crew are no longer to be found on the island. In addition, a naval ship has sailed to Impel Down at the same time.

Impel Down, Main Entrance: Blackbeard arrives at Impel Down with his gang. The guards who try to stop him from entering, since it is forbidden for pirates to go in without permission, are simply swallowed by Blackbeard’s darkness. When some marines search the ship Blackbeard came in on, they find that all the soldiers on board are unconscious. Immediately, the marines turn their guns on Blackbeard. Blackbeard, however, throws everything he absorbed earlier at them and begins to break into the prison with his gang.

Back at Hannyabal’s: In the meantime, he has finished with his idea of becoming a leader himself. He doesn’t know where to end the riots first. Luffy rages with his alliance on level 4, Buggy and Mr. 3 with the released prisoners on level 2, and Blackbeard with his gang at the main entrance. Things are getting out of hand for Hannyabal. Suddenly he hears a message from Magellan over the Den-den Mushi. The latter has taken care of most of the rioting in Level 2, while Buggy and Mr. 3 have managed to escape with a small squad of prisoners. To deal with Blackbeard, he has made a tough decision and wants to free Shiryu to stop the samurai. Hannyabal is told to go to Level 4 and hold the fort until he gets there.

Level 6: Shiryu is freed from his cell. Via Den-den Mushi he talks to Magellan, who tells him to stop Blackbeard. Since he was actually a prisoner, this would be his only chance to not have to go back to the cell. Shiryu understood, the endless boredom had become too bland for him, so he accepts. After the contact with Magellan was ended and the other guards hand Shiryu his sword, he doesn’t hesitate to finish the guards off with a slash. His reasoning for doing so was, “I have the right.”

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