One Piece Episode 443


While Ace has already been handed over to the navy, Luffy, Ivankov and Inazuma are trapped in level 6. Unfortunately, the elevator is unusable and the stairs have been blocked by Inazuma, otherwise she would have reached the sleeping gas. In this hour of need, someone, one of the inmates of Level 6, unexpectedly offers to help: Crocodile. The latter, in return for his help, wants his release so he can kill Whitebeard during the war outside. Luffy refuses due to the events on Arabasta. However, Ivankov tells Luffy that they should let him out. He and Crocodile know each other from Crocodile’s rookie days and he can control him if he causes trouble, since he knows one of Crocodile’s weaknesses. Crocodile doesn’t want Ivankov to tell anyone else, to which Ivankov assures him that as long as Crocodile helps them, he won’t reveal anything about his secret from the past. The rest of the prisoners now want to be freed as well, but Ivankov immobilizes them with his Death Wink. However, Jinbe also speaks up, asking them to release him so he can fight for Ace, who he has been friends with for a long time, or even die if he has to. Luffy agrees. Inazuma frees the two former samurai. Together with the two new comrades-in-arms, the trio forms a strong alliance.

By the time the guards enter Level 6, their targets have already escaped with a stone staircase through a hole in the ceiling. Shiryu tells the guards that the trio of Luffy, Ivankov, and Inazuma have freed the two inmates, Jinbe and Crocodile. Since this is a great shame for Impel Down, he would be willing to help Magellan if he so desires.

Hannyabal is very upset about the current situation, as he can be blamed for all this. He orders all the guards, as well as Sady and Saldeath, to go to level 4 to stop the refugees, he himself will also join the fight.

Level 5.5: Crocodile gets decent clothes and some cigars, while Ivankov equips Bon Kurei with Emporio Tension hormones so he can fight again.

Level 5: Some time later, Ivankov explains to some trannies that they are going to try to get outside to steal a naval ship, freeing as many prisoners as possible during their escape to cause chaos. Ivankov warns them ahead of time, however, that they probably won’t all make it to Level 1 or the surface, which is why it’s important to free as many prisoners as possible. When Ivankov hears that Luffy, Jinbe, and Crocodile have already run off, he and his army of trannies head off as well.

Meanwhile, the navy ship Ace is arriving at the Gate of Justice.

Level 4: Luffy, Jinbe and Crocodile have made it to level 4. Crocodile impressively demonstrates his powers on a door, draining it of all moisture and turning it into sand. However, the guards who were waiting on the other side don’t stand a chance against the three of them. While Crocodile dries out the guards with Barchan, Luffy finishes them off with Gomu Gomu no Rain. Jinbe, on the other hand, uses his fish-man karate and attacks the guards with the Karakusa Gawara Seiken.

Level 2: Buggy and Mr. 3 have finally made it back to the hell of the Wild Beasts. There, however, they hide from the manticores under a wax shield of Mr. 3. Keeping quiet, however, is made very difficult for them by the manticores’ flatulence.

Level 4: Crocodile throws a bunch of keys into one of the cells. It is the cell where Daz Bonez aka Mr. 1 is being held prisoner. When asked if he will join Crocodile again, as he needs a few assistants in his escape, Daz Bonez only replies that he got bored anyway.

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