One Piece Episode 442


After Ivankov found out that Luffy is Dragon’s son, he set off with Inazuma and Luffy to Level 6 to rescue Ace. He was handcuffed in the meantime so that he could be handed over to the navy.

Luffy and his two new companions run down the stairs to level 6, with guards and other obstacles in their way, but they don’t pose much of a problem. Ivankov even takes one of the guards with him, as he could be useful to them.

When they arrive at Level 6, where only legendary criminals are locked up, Luffy yells Ace’s name, hoping he will answer him. Ivankov thinks this is pointless and asks the guard. When he won’t answer him, he uses his hormones to transform him into a woman, explaining that he is now reborn and not a guard, but a newkama (a transgender). Thrilled with his new form, the guard or warden tells them the way to Ace. When they reach Ace’s cell, Ace is already gone. When Jinbe recognizes Luffy, he tells him that Ace was only recently taken to the elevator and Luffy can still manage to catch up with him if he hurries now. Luffy immediately sets off. Unfortunately, Ace is being taken up, which is why Luffy & Co. are late again. They can’t climb up the elevator shaft itself either, as Hannyabal has trapped it as well. The stairs are also sealed off by an iron cage. To make matters worse, sleeping gas is sprayed into the level through the stairs, so the trio can easily be arrested.

Via a Den-den Mushi, Magellan, who is on level 1 with Ace and some guards, is informed that Luffy has invaded level 6. Ace is shocked. Magellan thinks that level 5 probably wasn’t enough for Luffy, which is why he wants to lock him up in Ace’s old cell in level 6 this time. Ace can’t let this happen, though, and tries to get back to the elevator to help his brother. Despite being handcuffed, he manages to disarm one of the guards and fight his way through some other guards. Magellan interferes, pushing Ace to the ground and explaining that his brother is also a pirate, which is why he won’t leave this place alive. The elevator is locked with an iron grate shortly after.

Level 3: Buggy and Mr. 3 have made it back to hunger hell. But both are now extremely exhausted and want to rest first. Unfortunately, they meet an old acquaintance, the Sphinx. With this, the break of the two is already over again and they try to escape the angry beast.

Level 6: Inazuma shows off his devil powers and turns his hands into massive scissors that he first uses to cut the stone floors and then wraps them around the stairs like paper so that no more gas can escape. Ivankov explains that these are the powers of the Scissor Fruit, which Inazuma once ate from, and with which he can manipulate anything as if it were paper. While they are now safe from the sleeping gas, they now have no way to get out of Level 6. To avoid being watched by the guards, Ivankov uses a Death Wink to turn off a Den-den Mushi.

Outside the Impel Downs: Magellan hands Ace over to Vice Admiral Onigumo, who immediately takes him to his ship.

Level 6: Ivankov advises Luffy that he should give up trying to save Ace, as he is already being taken to naval headquarters. The Straw Hat Captain should therefore rather leave the rest to Whitebeard, as he certainly won’t let anything happen to Ace. But Luffy has already made the decision to follow Ace to the naval headquarters. Ivankov thinks this is crazy, as Whitebeard is extremely strong, so Luffy shouldn’t get involved in a fight between him, the Seven Samurai, and the Three Admirals. However, Luffy would regret it forever if he gave up now. When Ivankov hears this and looks at Luffy, the boy reminds him of Dragon. Inazuma interjects that they’d still have to find a way out of here first, at which point Luffy hears an old familiar voice from one of the cells. The voice promises to use his powers to make a hole in the wall if they release him. Luffy then recognizes the owner of the voice, who emerges from the shadows: it is Crocodile.

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