One Piece Episode 441


Impel Down, Level 5.5: Luffy has managed to survive the healing hormones and Magellan’s poison within 20 hours and has now recovered. Everyone is happy about this, but shortly after Bon Kurei falls over, having completely exhausted himself cheering him on earlier. Luffy thanks Ivankov for his help, but he says that probably the biggest thanks should still go to Bon Kurei, who cheered Luffy on for hours. Luffy bows and thanks the unconscious Bon Kurei. Inazuma, now a man again, shows up and hands Luffy his hat, new clothes, and says that Luffy still hasn’t fully recovered, so he should rest for a few more days. However, the latter wants to go on and free Ace, but is still too weakened and falls down for now. Ivankov wants to let him go, since it’s his life. Luffy asks him to come along, but Ivankov refuses, saying it’s not time for him yet, and tells Luffy that a war will soon begin outside between the Whitebeard pirates, their allies, and the Navy. Still, “he” hasn’t made a move yet, which is why Ivankov is laying low. The transgender King talks about the one who is behind all the revolutions in the world and is a companion of his, Dragon. Luffy casually mentions that the latter is his father. Ivankov overhears this at first and explains that he wouldn’t break out until Dragon makes his next big move. It’s only after this that Ivankov and the rest of the trannies have noticed what Luffy said and are shocked. It occurs to Luffy that this was actually a secret, but he had never seen his father anyway and therefore knows nothing about him. These statements only make it more believable for Ivankov, especially since Luffy is also one of the Supernovae and has this indomitable will to survive. When he asks him where he’s actually from and Luffy answers with East Blue, Ivankov remembers an old conversation.

Scene change to the past: Ivankov is talking to Dragon. He has noticed that Dragon always looks to the east whenever the wind shifts, as if he has left something behind there, such as a family. Dragon himself has never noticed this and thinks Ivankov shouldn’t care so much about his past.

Back in the present, Ivankov wants to join Luffy and lead him to Level 6. In his mind, he wonders what the Navy is even thinking about in all of this. If Luffy is Dragon’s son and Ace is Luffy’s brother, then Ace is Dragon’s son too. But why would the Navy challenge Whitebeard and Dragon at the same time? Anyway, Ivankov has decided for himself to protect Dragon’s sons. He wants Luffy to promise him never to talk about his origins again. After that, he orders all the trannies to make preparations, as they’ll be breaking out of prison soon enough. However, after Luffy collapses again, Ivankov has to give Luffy his Emporio Tension hormones so that he has enough energy for another day, however he will be pretty exhausted for a few days afterwards.

Level 4, Magellan’s office: Hannyabal is informed about the current events. He is also informed of the suspicion that Mr. 2 and Luffy were probably killed by the Troop Wolves in Level 5, as bloody scraps of clothing were found there. Meanwhile, Buggy and Mr. 3 are trying to make their way down the hallways of Level 4 to the stairs of Level 3. Although they have a few problems with some surveillance slugs, they are able to outsmart them.

Magellan, Domino, as well as some guards are still on the way to level 6 in the elevator. Although Magellan would have to go to the toilet again, Domino forbids him to do so, since Ace’s delivery has top priority.

Outside the Impel Down, Vice Admiral Onigumo makes preparations for Ace’s escort.

Meanwhile, Ivankov, Inazuma, and Luffy charge through level 5 to get to level 6. The troop wolves oppose them, but don’t stand a chance against the three of them, allowing them to reach the steps to level 6 without any problems. From there, they are filmed by the surveillance slugs and the guards in the monitor room have an eye on the three. Hannyabal comes in and orders them to activate the traps and send all the guards to level 6 to stop them until reinforcements from Sady and the guard beasts arrive.

Luffy & Co. fight their way through the mass of guards, but Magellan has already reached Level 6 before them. Domino handcuffs Ace to lead him upstairs. The execution will take place in six hours.

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