One Piece Episode 440


Impel Down, Level 5.5: To calm Bon Kurei down, Ivankov tells him to believe in Luffy and miracles and everything will be fine. The two then go back to the rest of the trannies.

Before a small feast Ivankov makes small hypodermic needles come out of his fingertips and explains that he once ate from the hormone fruit and therefore can change the human body at will. A good example of this is that all the men here were once women and all the women were once men. This is something Bon Kurei can understand, but he still finds it hard to believe that such a place exists in a prison. Ivankov tells us that the men and women were lucky to make it here, as there are secret passages to Newkama Land in all levels. This also allowed the prisoners to get everything they needed. Through Den-den Mushis for video transmission and discarded newspapers they collect, they also know about everything that happens outside of level 5.5 and the Impel Down. They have also followed the adventures of Luffy & Co. in prison and found the whole thing very entertaining. When asked where exactly they are, Ivankov replies that a long time ago there was a prisoner with a tunnel digging ability who created all these corridors and rooms between Level 5 and Level 6. Bon Kurei is shocked that there really is supposed to be the legendary Level 6. Officially, this level does not exist, however, true criminals are said to be imprisoned there. If Luffy, Bon Kurei & Co. had started this turmoil a while ago, they wouldn’t have gotten off so lightly, since the commander of the guards was still active earlier: Shiryu of the Rain. This one is just as strong as Magellan, but clearly more terrible and cruel.

A flashback begins: Shiryu has slaughtered several prisoners and is smiling. Magellan comes along and asks what he’s doing here, since the prisoners aren’t here for his own entertainment. Shiryu, in turn, says that no one should mind if he removes this trash. Magellan, however, cannot tolerate this any longer. If anyone were to find out what Shiryu had done here, it would reflect badly on the Impel Down. For that reason, Magellan places Shiryu under arrest.

Back in the present, Shiryu is currently being held captive in Level 6. Ivankov lists other inmates:“the world’s worst prisoner” Catharina Devon,“the giant battleship” Sanjuan Wolf,“boozer“Vasco Shot, and the former boss of the baroque company Crocodile. All started crimes so horrible or big in the past that they were never mentioned by the World Government. More recently, the Samurai of the Seas Jinbe,“Knight of the Sea”, has also been imprisoned there. Ace, who Luffy is so desperate to free, is also imprisoned in the 6th level. However, Ivankov thinks that Luffy had better give up on this endeavor and think of himself first. Ace’s execution is today and Luffy’s healing will take another two days, after which he would need two more days of sleep. All the while he’s eating, Ivankov advises Bon Kurei that he should eat something too and then sleep since he’s not fully healed yet. Bon Kurei, however, wants to go back to Luffy. Once there, Bon Kurei cheers him on with all his might. Even after some time, Bon Kurei remains persistent and continues to shout encouragement to Luffy. Some trannies come by and say it’s pretty stupid since it won’t change anything. As a few hours pass, the trannies stop by again and see Bon Kurei still cheering Luffy on, even though he barely has the strength to do so himself. Then, when he even falls over, the trannies would rather take him away, however Ivankov forbids them to do so. Bon Kurei believes in Luffy and has decided to go through this with him, which is why they should let him have his way. Bon Kurei mobilizes the last of his strength and manages to get back up and tries to cheer for Luffy again. Deeply touched by this friendship and will, all the other trannies also start supporting Bon and Luffy.

Meanwhile, Magellan is informed that Luffy has disappeared from his cell in Level 5. Meanwhile, Hannyabal is also found bound and gagged in a room and freed. Outside the Impel Downs, several navy ships have now appeared to pick up Ace. In level 5.5, the trannies cheer Luffy on for another hour.

Level 6: Jinbe voices his opinion that Ace would be better off not listening to Hancock, as she certainly lied because no one would be stupid enough to break in here. Ace counters, however, because this just fits Luffy’s character too well. The guards arrive and tell Ace that it’s time now. Magellan will appear any minute and hand him over to the naval ships.

Level 5.5: Everyone is very exhausted when they notice that they no longer hear any screams. When a large pool of blood comes out from under the door, everyone fears the worst. But then something seems to be trying to break down the door from the inside, and they hear Luffy screaming for food. Ivankov, on the other hand, can’t believe it, since Luffy’s healing didn’t even take a whole day.

Meanwhile, Domino reports to Magellan, who is back on the toilet, that it’s time to hand Ace over.

Level 5.5, 30 minutes later: Luffy eats the whole time without stopping and gets more and more of the trannies. Then, when he finally seems to be done, an upper-boned Luffy emerges from the chamber, again with a gigantically fat belly. However, the whole picture warps and Luffy resumes his normal form. He is fully healed again and immediately yells this as loud as he can to the world.

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