One Piece Episode 439


In level 5.5, a secret hideout of prisoners who live there happily all the time, Bon Kurei meets Ivankov, who is cheered and celebrated by everyone. Bon Kurei can’t believe that this strange-looking guy is really supposed to be “the man of miracles.” Suddenly, a man with a bazooka shows up. This one was the son of a former king who once met Ivankov and then returned as a woman. Family and status ruined, he swore revenge, became a pirate and finally sees his chance to get Ivankov’s head. However, Ivankov is able to throw back the bazooka bullet with a single blink and stabs the man in the chest, turning him into a woman. The woman is quite embarrassed by this, as she is naked on top, which is why she runs away. Bon Kurei, in turn, now has his proof that this man is indeed the Man of Miracles. He therefore asks him to take care of Luffy’s poisoning, as there is no antidote to the masses of Magellan’s poison that Luffy has absorbed.

Ivankov and Bon Kurei walk down a long tunnel, while Ivankov explains that as prisoners, they wouldn’t help every wounded person. Luffy, however, asked Ivankov to heal Bon Kurei first, since he is his friend. Saying this in the face of death impressed Ivankov so much that he granted Luffy his wish. He had already started Luffy’s treatment ten hours ago. Bon Kurei is happy to hear this. However, when they come to a chamber that is locked with thick chains and behind which Luffy can be heard screaming loudly, Bon Kurei is horrified.

Level 5: Meanwhile, Mr. 3 has created wax stilts so that he and Buggy can escape the troop wolves. However, they can’t find the exit of level 5 again.

Level 5.5: Ivankov explains that Luffy has been screaming so loudly for ten hours, and that it will go on for at least two more days.

Ten Hours Earlier: Ivankov enlightens Luffy that his Emporio healing hormones will only increase Luffy’s chances of survival from 0 to 2-3%, taking ten years off his life. Luffy will also only survive if his will is stronger than the poison. Luffy agreed to this and has been fighting for survival ever since.

Present: Bon Kurei risks a peek through a door slit, but is horrified. To him, it looks like Luffy is half-dead and still screaming in excruciating pain, so he begs Ivankov once again, tears in his eyes, to help Luffy. The latter first gives Bon Kurei a punch so that he calms down again, saying that he’s already treating Luffy and that he only helps those who have the will to live. Miracles only happen to those who don’t give up.

Luffy, meanwhile, is still thinking about Ace, and his mind is on their childhood together. Luffy has thus still not given up on trying to save Ace, but he only has 16 hours left before Ace is executed.

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