One Piece Episode 436


Hannyabal defeated and incapacitated Mr. 3 and Buggy, but some guards were badly affected in the process.

Meanwhile, the fight between Luffy and Magellan goes to the next round. Luffy is in agony from being hit by Magellan’s poison. But he can’t just give up as he wants to save Ace.

Mr. 2 is meanwhile on his way to look for Buggy and Mr. 3. He meets some guards, who fight back, but can’t harm a hair on his head, and are quickly defeated. He also defeats the next group of guards with a single attack. He is sad and angry about what happened in the fight between Luffy and Magellan. He is afraid for Luffy, knowing about Magellan’s powers and its deadly effect.

Back to the fight between Luffy and Magellan. Luffy is still writhing in pain, but he doesn’t let it get him down. Instead, he attacks Magellan with a gum-gum twin-jet pistol. Magellan counters with several poison puffer fish, which Luffy manages to dodge. Luffy manages to get behind Magellan and attacks him with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol, which Magellan is able to counter with a Hydra. Although Luffy is able to deflect it, he is sprayed with poison. Magellan now attacks with his Poison Cloud, which is a huge pain to Luffy and confuses his senses. However, Luffy is able to make the poison cloud disappear by blowing it away. As he takes a breath, he is horrified to find that Magellan has already created a new poison cloud, causing Luffy to now inhale it. He finally collapses.

Buggy and Mr. 3 meanwhile find that they have been tied together and are now to be taken to level 5. However, Mr. 2 shows up and knocks out the guards until he comes face to face with Hannyabal. The two engage in a short fight.

Luffy gets back up despite the poison gas and tries to attack Magellan, but his attack misses Magellan. The latter grabs Luffy’s arm and throws the straw-hatted pirate to the ground with full force. He gets up again and tries to attack Magellan, but finds that he is so befuddled by the poison gas that none of his attacks hit the target. Luffy now switches to Gear 2. With one last attack he finally wants to bring Magellan to the ground, but he is hit hard by his counterattack, so that he ends up completely covered in poison and defeated on the ground.

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