One Piece Episode 435


Magellan tries to stop Luffy, which leads to a fight. When Luffy then wants to attack Magellan’s Hydra, Bon Kurei intervenes and explains that the Hydra, like Magellan himself, is made entirely of poison and therefore he must not touch him. Bon Kurei wants to help Luffy, transforming into him in order to distract Magellan. However, this has no effect.

Meanwhile, Mr. 3 and Buggy decide to storm the stairs to level 3, since the defenses are weakest there.

Luffy, meanwhile, tries to dodge as best he can in the fight against Magellan, but has such trouble really standing his ground or throwing a punch himself.

Bon Kurei desperately considers how he can help his friend. But he always comes to the same conclusion that an attack on Magellan would mean death. With a heavy heart and tears in his eyes, Bon Kurei decides he would rather flee.

Mr. 3 and Buggy have reached the stairs to level 3 and Hannyabal is also willing to let them go peacefully, with the ulterior motive that Magellan would be blamed and thus he would get his post. However, the two believe that this is a trap and attack all the guards. Hannyabal, however, does not seem to be affected by the attacks and, now angry, decides not to let them go after all.

Meanwhile, Luffy, in order to save Ace, has decided to sacrifice his arms in battle. He goes into Gear 2 and attacks Magellan with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Bazooka.

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