One Piece Episode 433


Luffy and Bentham fight the Blue Gorillas on level 3. While Luffy is able to finish most of them off with a Gomu Gomu no Muchi and a Gomu Gomu no Gatling, Bentham applies his Okama Kenpou. At the same time, the prisoners on the loose in Impel Down who are allied with Luffy are announced: Pirate Buggy the Clown (Prisoner Number: E-8200), former Baroque Agent Mr. 3, also known as Galdino (Prisoner Number: D-0646), and also former Baroque Agent Mr. 2 – Bon Kurei, also known as Bentham (Prisoner Number: C-9951). When the Blugoris are defeated, Bentham explains to Luffy how to get to Level 4. Luffy is glad he met him. Meanwhile, the guards in the monitor room have lost track of Buggy and Galdino. With the help of a small listening snail, the prisoners in the cells also learn about the riots.

Meanwhile, Boa Hancock and Vice Admiral Momonga emerge from the elevator. The two get ready to leave the Impel Down. Domino unlocks Hancock’s sea stone handcuffs. The Snake Princess has heard a report about an intruder hanging around the Impel Down. She is worried about Luffy, who will most likely run into the head of the prison, Magellan. The latter learns in his office that Saldeath has gone to Level 2 with his Blugori troops, since they can’t beat Luffy and Mr. 2. In Level 2, they want to crush the uprisings of the freed prisoners. Magellan is furious as to why they didn’t report to him that there was an intruder scurrying around the prison. Hannyabal replies that he gave his attention to Hancock when Luffy was discovered. Furious, he asks his subordinate if he really wasn’t paying attention. Magellan’s toxic breath convinces Hannyabal, however, and he suddenly claims otherwise. At that moment, Sady enters the office. She prepares a strategy with Magellan to capture Luffy and the rest of the intruders. In exchange, Magellan orders all forces to level 4 in case they manage to escape from Minotaur, who is already on his way in level 3.

Meanwhile, Buggy and Mr. 3 are roaming through level 3. The two are considerably weakened by the heat of this level. Buggy notices that all the guards that were here before have disappeared.

In another part of the level, Luffy and Bentham are running. They stop when they hear hoof noises. One of the guardian beasts, Minotaur, appears in front of them and immediately attacks them with his club at a remarkable speed. Mr. 2 thinks this creature treats the prisoners like garbage. Luffy asks his friend if he is a devil fruit user, to which Bon Kurei cannot answer him. Minotaur attacks the transgender with his club and smashes him against one of the cells. The latter writhes on the floor in pain, while Luffy is amazed at the speed of the beast. The very next moment, the rubber boy is also attacked by the club. Bon Kurei is able to fend off the second attack with Ohikae Na Fouetté. As Minotaur puts Bon Kurei through the wringer, Luffy uses Gear 2 and is able to fling the guardian beast far away with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Bazooka. The danger is over for now.

Luffy inquires about Bon Kurei’s well-being, but he only asks for make-up and the Okama Way. He now shows him the way to level 4, where the two of them look at the bubbling cauldron of level 4, the Blood Pool. Bon Kurei explains that the heat coming from this cauldron is heating up Level 3, which is why it is so dry as well. Luffy says that he wants to free someone on level 5 himself. Bon Kurei explains that it’s Iva-san, the King of the Okama of the Kingdom of Kamabakka. Just then, Buggy and Mr. 3 come running by, pursued by the Minotaur. The latter has landed on them after Luffy’s attack. While Luffy is pleased that the two of them want to accompany him to level 5 after all, Bon Kurei is pissed that they sent the Minotaur after them again. Buggy asks Luffy if he still remembers the Buggy Orb. When he answers in the negative after asking several times, he explains that he made the Buggy Orb smaller so he could carry it around without it losing power. He calls it a magic bullet now because of this. When Buggy uses his attack, a large explosion is released, impressing the others greatly. However, to their surprise, the Minotaur gets back up shortly after. Bon Kurei tries to force him down with Memoirés of this winter sky. The ground is already collapsing a bit. Mr. 3 coats Luffy’s arm with a layer of wax, making it harder. Using a Gomu Gomu no Tsuchi Rifle, Luffy is finally able to defeat the Minotaur. Meanwhile, Ace asks Luffy to stay away in his mind.

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