One Piece Episode 432


Buggy and Mr. 3 hear a strange singing in level 3. Buggy can hardly believe that there is actually someone in this hunger hell who still has the strength to sing at the top of his lungs. He himself can barely stand, so he decides to free this prisoner, as he could certainly be useful. When they arrive at the cell, they find out that the prisoner is, as Mr. 3 could have guessed, Mr. 2 aka Bon Kurei. After freeing him and explaining the situation to him, Bon Kurei immediately makes his way to Luffy to help him.

Outside the Impel Downs, several marines want to go to the prison to stop Luffy from rescuing Ace. However, they are intercepted by the guard beast commander Sady, who won’t let them go any further, as outside help would only tarnish the Impel Down’s name. Therefore, the marines are told to wait outside.

Meanwhile in the level with Ace, Jinbe and Crocodile: Hancock & Co. visit Ace so the pirate empress can talk to him. When the rest of the prisoners make snide or dirty remarks, Magellan gets angry and attacks one of the prisoners with his hydra to make everyone remember what he’s capable of. In the moment where everyone was just paying attention to Magellan, Hancock used the time to tell Ace that his brother was on his way to rescue him. After that, Hancock wants to leave the prison again.

Meanwhile, Luffy is attacked again by the guards and the Sphinx. Then, as the Sphinx paws Luffy to the ground to eat him, Zoro suddenly appears and kicks the Sphinx away. As it turns out, this Zoro was actually Bon Kurei, who transformed into the swordsman for fun. Both are overjoyed at this reunion and hug each other joyfully. Saldeath orders his Blugoris to attack the two immediately. Bon Kurei remarks that he heard Luffy wants to go to Level 5, which is excellent since he wants to go there himself to meet someone special. Therefore, they both want to team up and fight their way further down.

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