One Piece Episode 430


Guard Room: The guards are playing cards to pass the time, and when they were moved to this level, they think it’s worse. They are in the level where Ace is trapped. It is also called the “Infinite Hell”. A guard joins them and explains that Hancock and Magellan are about to arrive in this level, to which the guards wonder why Hancock is so eager to see Ace. Another guard then mentions another Samurai of the Seas who has started a riot at naval headquarters.

In the same level, the Minotaur is torturing Jinbe, “Knight of the Seas”, who was put in Ace’s cell. He and Ace are talking about the upcoming war and the methods of the guards. It becomes clear that Jinbe doesn’t mind the torture, and even the possible loss of his status as a Samurai of the Seas is of little importance to him. He would even give his life to stop the war.

Meanwhile, the guards have realized that the guards’ room in Level 2 has been destroyed and that’s why no contact could be made. They are wondering where the escapees are now when the trio of Luffy, Buggy, and Mr. 3 are spotted by a video snail. One of the guards notes with displeasure that the number of escapees has increased to three.

Level 2: The trio is currently being pursued by a horde of mutants. With one attack each, they try to stop the hellbeasts, but to no avail. The plan to confuse them with Buggy’s feet running in a different direction than they are also fails. Buggy recalls that the boss of the second level is also supposed to be a lion-like beast. Mr. 3 enlightens his two companions that behind them are the Manticores, who have a human face. This allows them to partially mimic human speech, but only individual words they’ve learned from the prisoners, such as “underwear” to Buggy’s astonishment. As luck would have it, the three run straight into the arms of this beast, and so the giant sphinx, the guardian of level 2, stretches out before their eyes. This monster immediately attacks the trio. Together they fight against the beast, but most of their attacks don’t show much effect. Mr. 3, however, manages to confuse the Sphinx with the help of his waxwork cabinet. Thus, the beast becomes agitated and tramples one wax figure after another, which inevitably causes the ground beneath them to give way and Luffy and co., along with the lion beast, plummet into the depths – towards the lower level 3.

Level in which Ace sits: The samurai of the seas explains to the young pirate why he has such sympathy for his captain and his gang. Although the two cellmates have fought many a fierce battle in the past, the fish man still has great respect for Whitebeard. It is thanks to Whitebeard that Fish-Man Island is no longer an area of lawlessness and human trafficking as it once was. When the great pirate announced that Fishmen Island would be part of his territory, no one dared to harm the island and its inhabitants. Jinbe went on to explain that he did not want to imagine a world without Whitebeard because he expected devastating consequences. For this reason, the fish-man also wanted to stop the government’s fight at any cost.

At this point, Crocodile surprisingly intervenes in the conversation between the two. He says that the fact that Whitebeard might actually fall puts him in a state of extreme suspense. This sets off an outcry of like-minded prisoners who are also eager for Whitebeard’s downfall or would prefer to finish him off themselves. The prisoners stamp their feet wildly on the ground. Crocodile adds that there would be many pirates who were strong, but saw no chance against greats like Gol D. Roger or Whitebeard. These can be found all over the world.

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