One Piece Episode 428

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Franky, Robin, Chopper and Brook pass their time playing cards until they hear some explosions from the island. Franky thinks they’d better check on their friends after all.

Meanwhile, Largo has appeared in Little East Blue and hangs Luffy, who is in a spiked net, from a tree. He asks his men again what they are looking for, to which they explain that they are supposed to catch a large beetle. Largo then remembers that he must have seen it on the way, but he would rather give the villagers an ultimatum. But before that, he’d rather get rid of Zoro and Sanji and explains to both of them that he once ate from the net fruit. With it, he can design all sorts of nets, the material always being whatever he ate last. Zoro is caught in a glue net and Sanji is caught in a steel net. The two are hung in the tree with Luffy. Corto is told to explain the gravity of the situation to the villagers, whereupon Yoko opposes him, armed with a wooden sword. However, Boss now appears on the battlefield and has grown a good bit in the meantime. Most of the amigo pirate gang can’t take him on, so Corto again asks Largo for help. The latter locks him in a fire net and has his men shoot at him. Boss’ wings are badly damaged and the giant beetle falls helplessly to the ground. Some of the villagers would really rather hand Boss over now so they still have a chance. To protect the villagers anyway, Boss ends up handing himself over, to Yoko’s shock. Yoko once again remembers their time together before Largo makes a giant cage.

Luffy can’t let this happen, though, and frees his arms and legs from the net and knocks Boss back into the forest. He reminds him that they had one more fight to finish, so he can’t let him leave with those “bastards”. Yoko cries out that she wants to stay with Boss forever. The villagers realize their shame, take new courage and now want to fight for Boss as well. Boss has meanwhile left his old shell and is now blue and as big as a building. With a jet of fire he frees Luffy, Zoro and Sanji from their predicament. But Boss overexerts himself in the process, having shed his old shell far too soon, and falls back to the ground, where he is caught by Largo’s net. Luffy & Co. don’t want the giant beetle’s last breath of fire to be a waste, and are about to counterattack.

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