One Piece Episode 427

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Nami now also arrives in Little East Blue, where she is immediately greeted by the official Nami fan club (Orenami), who wants to take her to the others. However, they make a trip to a nude statue of Nami they created beforehand, which of course shocks her. Meanwhile, Luffy enjoys the town’s windmill and Zoro is asked for an autograph by the students and teacher at the dojo. Sanji has the chef Mitsuboshi take him to dinner at the second baratié, and Usopp meets an old woman named Luiga from his village who lives in a dummy of Kaya’s mansion. Luiga threatens Usopp not to tell anyone about it, as she doesn’t want the other residents to know. Meanwhile, Yoko can’t believe that the villagers get along so well with the pirates and feels betrayed by everyone. It takes Boss to cheer her up a bit.
Meanwhile, the Amigo pirate gang’s ship has reached Little East Blue beach. Corto tells his men to catch Boss, who has somehow escaped from Shiki’s hideout.
The rest of the Straw Hat Pirates are still waiting on the Thousand Sunny for the others to return with the bug. Franky has even built a cage for it already.
Meanwhile, Nami has finally reached the city and meets Yoko, who talks about how she hates pirates after all. This reminds Nami of when she used to talk like that too. The town villagers are having a party for the Straw Hat Pirates from East Blue, until suddenly the Amigo Pirates, led by Corto since his brother is taking a siesta, show up and start shooting at everything. They want Boss. To show they mean business, they blow up some grenades, destroying Mitsuboshi’s baratié. The latter tries to take revenge, but gets shot. Luffy, Zoro and Sanji get involved and are able to push the pirate gang back. It seems to be an easy fight until Luffy is attacked by Mr. Largo and caught in a barbed wire net.

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