One Piece Episode 424


Impel Down, Level 1: After a fight against the Blugori, fought mostly by Luffy, Buggy is speechless and guesses that Luffy has gotten a little stronger since they last saw each other. Luffy wants to know what these creatures even are before Buggy enlightens him.

In the surveillance room one suspects so slowly that it could even be two people who are there in the corridors of the red hallway. Officially, however, only Buggy is confirmed. The next report comes in that five Blugori have been taken out.

Luffy opens up to Buggy that he wants to save Ace. Buggy tells Luffy that Ace – unlike Luffy – was a real affable guy and he became a real drinking buddy of his. That’s why Buggy was shocked when he heard about Ace’s imprisonment. Luffy now wants to go to Level 5, Buggy makes it clear that he doesn’t care at all, after all they aren’t friends. Buggy now sets about getting out of Impel Down, at which point Luffy alerts him to ten Navy battleships anchored outside the entrance. This causes Buggy to stop. He explains the situation to himself as them being stationed here because of Whitebeard’s next move. Now Buggy catches Luffy’s eye bracelet, which makes him continue to pause. Luffy, on the other hand, says goodbye. Buggy changes his mind and knocks Luffy over. At that moment, they were spotted by some guards and the chaotic duo has to make their escape. During their escape, the clown negotiates with Luffy for the bracelet. He offers to lead him to Ace if he gets the bracelet. Luffy immediately chimes in. Buggy now wants them to shake off the approaching guards. He asks Luffy to pick up his feet. As Buggy flies without his feet, Luffy runs after him.

Buggy’s devil power is explained. Buggy then recalls how he was captured by the Navy. While he and his band of pirates were searching for Captain John’s treasure on an island, they ran into the Navy in a cave.

Buggy wants to lead him to the entrance of level 2. Luffy complains because he actually has to go to level 5 and not to level 2. Buggy explains to him that it only goes down level by level. Supposedly, there’s even another floor below level 5, where all those monsters that are to be removed from the face of the world are imprisoned. Buggy himself will only take him to level 4, as he doesn’t know his way around below that. Luffy thanks him for this and is happy that Buggy is suddenly so nice. He laughs and blabs that the bracelet is a “Treasure Mark” for Captain John’s treasure. He immediately realises that he has made a mistake. Luffy now knows what the bracelet is for, but wants to give it to Buggy anyway. The clown is puzzled, but gets rehashed as an explanation that Ace’s rescue is more important. Buggy thinks he can just run away now, yet Luffy continues to trust him. Buggy is touched by so much trust and takes the bracelet. Out of carelessness, Buggy flies into a wall. Luffy thinks this is a shortcut and unceremoniously smashes the wall.

Elevator: Hancock, Momonga, Hannyabal, and Domino are still on their way to Level 4. The Pirate Empress is worried about Luffy and hopes he doesn’t cause a riot. She hears his voice deep in her heart, but is disturbed by Hannyabal raving about the screams of the prisoners. Furious, she stomps on him.

Luffy and Buggy have landed in the guards’ room, but continue to run undeterred, breaking through the other wall as well, so they fall into the Blade Forest. The guards have recognized Buggy, they have not yet been able to identify Luffy. Buggy quickly explains that all the leaves on the trees have blades and the grass is as hard as needles. The prisoners are chased through this forest by poison spiders and the guards. The blood they lose turns the needle grass red. He instructs Luffy to throw his feet on the ground. With his feet on the ground, Buggy can continue to fly. With Luffy on his back, he now flies over hell, feet following him. The destination is a hole that leads to level 2. Arriving at the large hole, Luffy decides to jump into the uncertain darkness. After the straw hat jumps, Buggy is happy to be rid of it, after all, he won’t be able to chase it anymore. However, a Blugori tries to decapitate him from afar with an axe, falling into the hole himself.

Level 2: You can hear the roar of monsters. One of the prisoners of this level is Mr. 3, who seems to have no will to live anymore and has given up.

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