One Piece Episode 423


Impel Down: Hancock and Momonga have arrived at the largest prison in the world. To get to Ace, Hancock has to put on sea stone handcuffs and undergo a strip search. Domino therefore leads them to a special room with a video surveillance snail. Hancock just smiles at Domino, telling her to be careful with her, only to use her Mero-Mero powers and petrify both Domino and the video snail. Luffy slips out from under the cloak and explains that it was a close call. Hancock apologizes now, because she can’t take him any further than this. Luffy thanks her anyway, he wouldn’t have gotten this far without her. Hancock still makes Luffy promise that he won’t make a fuss because he’ll never be able to escape Impel Down again if he gets caught. Luffy promises and gives her his word of honor that he owes her a favor. Hancock is delighted, as Luffy pronounced her first name correctly. The latter hides so that Hancock can unstone Domino again.

Hannyabal receives information that Domino’s room is not currently under video surveillance. Shortly after, Domino comes out the door with Hancock tied up and reports a successful cavity search. Luffy is above the door watching the proceedings. Hancock complains about the handcuffs, to which Hannyabal replies that it’s just the rules in the Impel Down. They make their way to the elevator, which will take them down to Level 4 to see Warden Magellan. Luffy silently thanks Hancock from afar, though she takes this the wrong way and thinks he said he loved her. She temporarily faints. Luffy makes his way to Ace with the help of his Vivre Card.

Outside the prison, a sea king is cut up by the Blugori. They bring food for the prisoners.

Elevator: Hancock wakes up from her swoon again and Hannyabal informs everyone that they’re passing Level 1, whereupon screams ring out, coming from tortured prisoners. Momonga says it’s worse than he thought it would be. Hannyabal then explains that this is the level where only prisoners with minor offenses go. Hannyabal explains the levels up to Magellan’s level: level 1: “Blood Red Hell”, level 2: “Hell of the Wild Beasts”, level 3: “Hunger Hell”, level 4: “Flame Hell”. Hancock inquires if Ace is trapped in level 4, to which Hannyabal explains that there are more levels. Hancock’s mind is already back on Luffy by now. He enters level 1 at the same moment.

Level 1: Buggy has freed himself from his cell with his still undiscovered devil powers. He leaves his cellmates laughing in the cells and begins his escape. In the process, he runs into a video snail. He has now been discovered by the guards, who send out the Blugori. The other prisoners taunt Buggy for not freeing them and cheer for the incoming Blugori to grab Buggy. Meanwhile, Luffy has run into a dead end. Vivre Card points downward. Hearing voices, he hides on the ceiling of the prison. This allows him to pass through a previously locked door, as some guards rush through it to capture Buggy. Luffy, meanwhile, has to dodge some traps. Buggy previously triggered these by pressing a button when he was being chased by the Blugori. Although two guards also spotted him, he got rid of them through a trapdoor he triggered.

As he continues on his way, Luffy passes a few prison cells, having a bizarre conversation with the prisoners. They reveal to him that Ace is level 5 and ask him to free them. However, the escaping Buggy runs towards Luffy at that moment, pursued by the Blugori. Luffy and Buggy make their escape together. Only now do they realize who the other is. Buggy boldly posits that Luffy only came for him. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Buggy enlightens Luffy that they would be tortured if they were caught. Luffy puts the building blocks of the experiences together and concludes that they have already been discovered and thus his plan will not work. Buggy suggests a change of plan and they both go on the counterattack.

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