One Piece Episode 418


Luffy is on a naval ship with Hancock on his way to Impel Down prison. During the trip, Luffy has had a nightmare about the disappearance of his friends and wonders what happened to them.

The time is then shown when and where the other members arrived, after Bartholomew Kuma’s attack. Nami landed on a sky island, right outside the door of an old professor who took her to his house. After two days, Nami finally woke up, but got scared when she saw the old man and threw everything she found at him. When she calmed down, the old man wanted to cheer Nami up a bit and showed her a wind knot. Nami tries to leave the house, but notices a huge storm approaching, so she stays with the old man for now. While there, she notices some other strange contraptions, such as the rain cloud shower. However, as the storm grows stronger, Nami uses the Wind Knot as well as the Climate Clock Stick to dissipate the storm. Then, as she’s about to leave, the old man explains to her that it’s not that easy, as she’s landed on the small sky island of Weatheria, which does shock Nami.

Franky, in turn, landed on a winter island, where he was accidentally attacked by Kitton, his grandfather and the cyborg dog Taroimo, as they were hunting. Nothing happened to Franky, but he immediately inquires where he actually ended up. Kitton’s grandfather then explains to Franky that he is on Balsimore, “the birthplace of Genius”. However, Franky freezes shortly after because of the blizzard that is raging, so Kitton & Co. prefer to take him into town to the hospital. There, they immediately realize that Franky is a cyborg whose power source is Coke. However, they don’t have Coke, so they have to switch to tea, which again results in a small personality change in Franky and he becomes a gentleman.

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