One Piece Episode 417


Amazon Lily, Kuja Castle: Nyon and Luffy have arrived at Hancock’s bedroom. Nyon examines them and tells them about a virus that affected both her and the two previous empresses, which caused them to die. Nyon fled the island due to this virus and was able to be cured. It is the “Love Disease.” When Nyon explains that Luffy came with her, she asks Hancock to hear him out. Luffy lays out the situation surrounding Ace to Hancock and asks her to smuggle him onto the Navy ship. When Sandersonia and Marigold hear this, they get furious and yell at him about what he was thinking, because Hancock is in too much pain to participate in the war. Hancock herself, however, agrees without hesitation, to which her sisters and Nyon are greatly surprised. The latter explains that there is a saying in the East Blue that love is always a hurricane. Luffy is happy that Hancock agreed, and she herself seems to be feeling better now as well. Afterwards, Nyon Hancock explains her feelings, love. The decision to sail to Impel Down with Luffy will save her life. At the same time, Hancock will keep her title as Samurai of the Seas, thereby protecting Amazon Lily.

Navy ship off Amazon Lily: Hancock contacts Vice Admiral Momonga via Den-den Mushi to inform him of her decision to answer the call of the world government. However, she sets him one condition.

Amazon Lily, harbor: The Amazons, in the form of the entire Amazon tribe, have become real fans of Luffy and are very sorry that he is leaving today. They had hoped that he would only leave the island tomorrow. He says goodbye again to Aphelandra, Sweet Pea and Marguerite. He promises to come back again with his crew. Hancock joins them, kicking away a puppy and a baby seal along the way, then joins Luffy. The Amazons idolize Hancock one last time before Luffy is happy to have the “snake woman” back with him, responding positively to his request. As Luffy continues to platonically carry on the conversation and is lectured that “snake woman” is a rude form of address, Hancock mischievously offers for him to call her by her first name. Luffy also immediately calls her Hanmock, needing to be improved upon. Luffy and Hancock board the ship – along with the Kuja pirates – and they say goodbye to Amazon Lily.

Calm Belt: The Kuja pirate ship appears in front of Vice Admiral Momonga’s naval vessel. She inquires if her condition has been met. Momonga explains that he was able to arrange to make a stop at Impel Down. Momonga is surprised, as Impel Down would otherwise be shunned by the Samurai of the Seas. He also continues to explain that they can’t stop for long, as time is of the essence. He urges Hancock to come aboard. The Kuja pirates bid them farewell, and Hancock gives her sisters temporary rule of the island. In addition, Hancock lifts the petrification of the naval crew so they can see to getting the ship on course. Meanwhile, Luffy has also snuck aboard under Hancock’s cloak, but he nearly gives himself away by growing his stomach and sneezing. Hancock even offers to search Momonga to prove her innocence, but he refuses.

Naval Headquarters: Momonga’s news that Boa Hancock has agreed to fight alongside the Navy pleases Fleet Admiral Sengoku. He has now gathered six of the Seven Samurai to go into battle against Whitebeard. The only samurai unwilling to fight Whitebeard is currently sitting in Impel Down because he snapped. He still hasn’t calmed down and has also put his samurai status on the line. It’s Jinbe. News comes that the 500 pirates Kizaru arrested in the Sabaody Archipelago cannot be housed in Impel Down. Sengoku doesn’t care, he doesn’t want to be bothered with things that have nothing to do with Whitebeard. Along the way, he inquires where Garp is. The answer that he has left for Impel Down infuriates him. He has no time for further explanation, for now another messenger arrives with the news that Whitebeard has set off. All 23 patrol boats that were supposed to be watching the Moby Dick have been sunk. In addition, they received news that other pirate crews from the New World were also on their way. However, due to the inaccessibility of the naval ships, Sengoku realizes that they have no way of determining what the pirates are up to. Whitebeard’s first move was a success. Sengoku has the foresight to see that Impel Down could also be a target. He gives instructions to prepare for it.

Impel Down: Garp has made his way to Ace’s cell and inquires about his condition.

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