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Amazon Lily, harbor: Boa Hancock and her crew are arriving. Her subordinates are euphoric about the return of their princess. The crew also immediately informs the bereaved that they have captured some goods. A little girl dreams of becoming a member of the Kuja pirates later on. Hancock is then taken directly to her provided car. When she asks if anything worth mentioning has happened, she gets a negative answer. Meanwhile, the ship is unloaded and a strict accounting is kept of what the Kuja pirates have captured. Ran explains that they captured a world government ship, two merchant ships, and a pirate ship. The village elder Nyon now turns to Ran and asks if they also captured books. Ran can only offer her the newspaper that Vice Admiral Momonga threw at the crew.

Amazon Lily, Kuja Castle: The princess is welcomed by her subordinates. As a change in the palace, Hancock recognizes a statue made of clay and wants to know from Enishida – a servant – what it is doing here. Enishida explains to her that the children of the village dedicated this statue to her and a lot of work went into it because it was even painted. Hancock carelessly destroys the statue and is enraged that her likeness has been recreated out of clay and dirt. Hancock then wants to be informed why the village’s warrior women were not seen at the port. Enishida explains that a vicious “monkey” has appeared and the warrior women are taking care of it.

Amazon Lily, Jungle: Luffy is still being pursued by the Kuja warriors.

Kuja Castle: Nyon suddenly appears and Boa Hancock wants to know what she has lost here, after all this is her room. She only replies that she has the right to enter this room at any time, but Hancock wants to have her thrown out. Nyon then asks to be heard and apologizes for being so brash. She goes on to say that she knows about the world government ship off the coast. She speculates that Hancock is needed. The latter also affirms that she is needed for the war against Whitebeard. Nyon demands that she leave to protect the island. Hancock counters that she is afraid and plays on her charisma, which Nyon falls for at first, but then comes to her senses. Nyon explains why it’s inevitable that Hancock will join the world government in the fight against Whitebeard. Amazon Lily is currently protected only by her title as Samurai of the Seas. She says it used to be enough that the Calm Belt was around her, but ever since the World Government built ships to cross the Calm Belt, only the title of Snake Princess protects the island. If the World Government stripped her of the title, the island would be open to anyone. Hancock is supposed to think of the young and old as well, whereupon she says that this is only about Nyon’s own safety. She denies this, however, because she thinks she has already lived her life. Nyon wants to predict what the future will bring, which is too much for Hancock and she orders the servants to throw Nyon out. Nyon’s time as Gloriosa, Empress of Amazon Lily, has been up for a very, very long time, she says. Even if the island were destroyed on Hancock’s whim, all would forgive her because she was beautiful. At this, Hancock leans backwards in mockery to symbolize that she is looking down on everyone from above. Hancock accuses Nyon of being a traitor because she left Amazon Lily as empress to set sail. At some point she returned and was at the mercy of the then reigning Empress. The latter let Nyon back to the island. Nyon countered that this was why she lived in seclusion in the village. Nyon had no right to speak to her like that. Joking that she would join the war after all, Hancock briefly gives Nyon hope, but then throws her out of the castle single-handedly. Nyon falls down many stories, but lands perfectly, as she is still a Kuja warrior. Hancock explains to the horrified employees with her irresistible look that Nyon just slipped through her fingers.

A bell sounds and bath time is announced for Hancock. All the Amazons leave the fortress. Huge sheets are stretched to shield the fortress. No one will be allowed to enter the fortress. An eight year old girl wants to know why no one is allowed inside the castle now and Ran tells her the story of the three Gorgon sisters. These used to work together to defeat Gorgon, a terrible monster who turned everything in her eyes to stone. But Gorgon cursed the sisters, so those eyes became visible on the sisters’ backs, turning anyone to stone who sees the sisters’ backs. That is why everyone always covers their backs.

Amazon Lily, Jungle: Luffy has made it to the village’s ramparts, where he feverishly contemplates what to do next. Meanwhile, Kikyo and the other warrior women are on the lookout for Luffy, who they suspect has fled back to the village because he wanted a ship. At the same time, Luffy concludes that he can’t use a ship without Nami and that’s why the Kuja must take him to Sabaody Archipelago. He decides to simply ask the leader, who he suspects lives in the tallest building. When he spies it, he jumps onto the roof. Meanwhile, the Amazons run back to the village as fast as they can. Fearing that Boa Hancock might already be there.

Meanwhile, Luffy lands on the roof of the tallest building and tries to keep his balance, but the roof gives way and he collapses. Luffy lands and feels that he has fallen into hot water. Instinctively, he screams for help, as he is afraid of drowning. He then finds that he can stand and catches sight of Boa Hancock’s back. Instead of turning to stone, he just points to the back and says he’s seen this before. Hancock is incensed.

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