One Piece Episode 410


Amazon Lily, Jungle: Luffy removes his bandages and is about to leave the island when he remembers the ruffles on his shirt. He thanks Marguerite for removing them again and announces that he has to leave now, as he wouldn’t have a quiet minute in his life until he found his friends. He gets carried away with the thought of one day defeating Bartholomew Kuma, Sentomaru, and Kizaru. In order for him to become stronger, he sets a goal to run all the way back to the Sabaody Archipelago on his hands. While doing so, he remembers that he doesn’t own a ship and asks Marguerite if she could lend him one. The latter enlightens Luffy that they don’t own any boats and they are in the Calm Belt. The island is enclosed by many giant sea kings, which is why pretty much no one comes to this island. The only ship is Boa Hancock’s, which is pulled by Yudas. Luffy therefore makes the crazy plan to build a raft and row to the archipelago. A short time later, Luffy is standing on logs tied together. However, only for a few seconds, then the disastrous structure sinks down and Luffy falls into the sea. Marguerite rescues him and then wonders why she’s even doing this and why men can’t swim. Luffy muses about missing Franky, who could have built him a ship. Marguerite suddenly makes the decision to kill Luffy because she’s getting in too much trouble with him. As she attacks him with her arrows, Luffy wonders why these ordinary arrows can destroy stone. According to Marguerite, the arrows are enhanced with Haki. Immediately after, the rest of the Amazons arrive and Luffy takes flight. Sweet Pea informs Marguerite that they really need to get rid of the man, as Boa Hancock will be arriving soon.

Calm Belt, near Amazon Lily: Boa Hancock’s pirate ship and Vice Admiral Momonga’s naval ship anchor side by side, with a dead sea king floating next to them. A conversation takes place between the ships. Ran, a pirate under Boa Hancock, warns of the pitfalls of the Calm Belt. Momonga had to kill him because they were attacked by him. Since the world government has a treaty with the Kuja that forbids anyone from coming within three kilometers of the island, they must anchor here. Vice Admiral Momonga wants to take the samurai of the seas, the pirate empress Boa Hancock, to naval headquarters. He throws a newspaper over to the Amazon ship. The public execution of the commander of the second division of the Whitebeard pirate gang Portgas D. Ace has been set. The mandatory assembly of the Samurai of the Seas is an order of the World Government and allows no leeway. If Boa Hancock does not comply with this order, she will be stripped of her status as a samurai. Momonga directly addresses the pirate empress, who now goes on deck. When a small kitten gets in her way, she kicks it away adamantly. The marines are overwhelmed by Hancock’s beauty and have fallen in love.

Amazon Lily, Jungle: Luffy is still being pursued by the Amazons.

Navy Ship: Hancock, along with her two sisters Boa Marigold and Boa Sandersonia, approaches the Vice Admiral. Her initial response that she would answer the call was a lie, as she has no intention of participating in the war. However, she would like it if she continued to be a samurai and, moreover, if the cargo of the naval ship was transferred to her ship. Momonga loses her temper. He takes Boa Hancock’s exorbitant demands as nothing more than a bad joke. This is in stark contrast to his subordinates, who, besotted with love, are eager to haul the treasures out of the navy ship and hand them over to Boa Hancock. Momonga yells at his men, causing some to come to their senses. Momonga now declares that “Firefist” Portgas D. Ace will be executed in Marine Ford – hometown of Marine Headquarters – in a week. Whitebeard will definitely have done something by then. The Navy, led by the three admirals, will take up the fight against Whitebeard. Boa Hancock is now to decide whether to fight Whitebeard or lose her samurai status. Hancock enjoys being a samurai, but does not want to attend the fight. She asks what if the crew of the navy ship suddenly succumbed to a mysterious accident that turned them all to stone. Some marines have heard of stone statues on ships. Boa Sandersonia explains that while it’s true that Hancock’s character takes a little getting used to, her actions will always go unpunished because no matter what she does, no matter how vile, the world forgives her because she’s beautiful. Both the Amazons and the Marines fall into expressions of love for Boa Hancock. This reveals what her devil fruit can do: All who fall in love with her, she can turn to stone. She uses the love fruit and petrifies the entire navy crew. Only Momonga can escape this by suppressing his feelings with pain. Meanwhile, the Kuja pirates have shipped the entire cargo to their ship. Momonga still threatens that if she doesn’t come forward within two days, the contract with the Kuja will be nullified. Boa Hancock is not impressed and the Amazons set sail for the peaceful island of women.

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