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Amazon Lily is the island of women, where men are forbidden to stay. The village of Kuja is located deep in the jungle in a valley, making the island look uninhabited. The valley itself looks like a fortress because it is nestled in the surrounding mountains. Sometimes pregnant women arrive on the island. Miraculously, all the children that are born are girls. All the work is done by women, even the manual work. Even the little girls are trained to be warriors, but that doesn’t mean they are all strong and look it, you can also find real beauties on the island. On Amazon Lily, all women are strong and trained, so they also compare themselves against each other in competitions. Beauty is equated with strength. If a man ever made it to this island, he would be eliminated in a short moment.

Amazon Lily, Cage: Luffy wakes up naked in a bed enclosed by a cage. There are numerous Amazons standing in front of the cage fence, looking at him with interest. Luffy, however, expresses disinterest in the Amazons, first recapping the last event he experienced: the defeat on the Sabaody Archipelago. After eating the mushrooms, he remembers nothing. He jumps up and looks for his hat. This he discovers on Sweet Pea’s head and grabs it, using his rubber powers and stretching his arm. The Amazons are startled by this. Field research is then done on Luffy. This is how men are able to stretch arms. While Luffy then so slowly realizes that he is naked, he wants his clothes. Marguerite, on the other hand, is interested in Luffy’s “pouch” between his legs, whereupon he explains to her what it is: his “gold balls”. The naive Amazons are then fascinated by them, and Marguerite wants him to take them out to show her. Luffy is horrified, but calms down when Marguerite gives him new clothes. His joy quickly subsides, however, as the shirt is embroidered with ruffles.

Luffy yells angrily that he is a man. The Amazons take this as a sign to attack and cock their snake bows. Kikyo wants to kill Luffy, as he shows no gratitude or remorse. Also, men are not allowed on Amazon Lily. For now, Luffy just wonders about the population, which is actually all women. Kikyo addresses Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra that they need to solve the problem or else the Snake Princess, should she find out, would also take action against the three for bringing Luffy to the village. The Snake Princess would never forgive them. Luffy now makes his final plea and wants him to just be let go because he promised his friends he would meet them again. However, the Amazons shoot arrows at him. He flees, realizing he no longer has the Vivre Card with him, as it was in his old clothes. He decides to ask Marguerite where they are. Using his devil powers, he pulls Marguerite to him and escapes with her. Marguerite screams for help, the Amazons see this as kidnapping.

Luffy jumps the boundaries of the valley with Marguerite. After their impact – cushioned by the gum-gum balloon – Marguerite pulls out a knife to defend herself. Luffy calmly inquires about his piece of paper. The Amazon shows him Rayleigh’s Vivre Card, which she only kept because it had Rayleigh’s name on it. Luffy is relieved and shows Marguerite the function of the Vivre Card. Further, he tells her that he can use it to find his friends. When she asks who these friends are, he tells her that they are pirates. Marguerite counters that the ruler of this island is also a pirate. The pirate crew is also made up of only women. The leader of this pirate crew is the pirate empress Boa Hancock, the most beautiful, strongest, and most wonderful woman in the world. She and her two sisters rule Amazon Lily.

Meanwhile, in Kuja Village, Boa Hancock’s ship is spotted. Kikyo gives orders that Marguerite must be rescued from Luffy’s clutches at all costs, and that he himself must be killed to avoid trouble with Boa Hancock.

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