One Piece Episode 406

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 9 – A Reunion with Boss Luffy.


This special has nothing to do with the story of One Piece. It is also not set in the world of One Piece, but in ancient Japan.

Capital of Greater Jipang: Usopp runs screaming into Nami’s pub and tells her about a Mikoshi. Nami learns from the flyer that the race only happens once every 100 years. Sanji notes that there are great prizes to be won. Chopper then mentions that the winner, for example, will be granted a wish from the sacred treasure located in the great shrine that opens once in 100 years. Mao, a temp at the diner, brings Luffy a second helping, while Nami notes that she shouldn’t treat him so well since he has no money and eats for free. Chopper tells of mysterious powers of treasure that can grant any wish. Luffy enthusiastically decides to participate in the Mikoshi race. Nami refuses, saying she won’t ruin her feet if the reward is just a myth. Chopper adds from the flyer that the winner will further get a million berries. Nami immediately agrees and is determined to win the race.

At the workshop: Luffy, Nami, Chopper and Usopp arrive at the workshop where the best carpenter in town is supposed to be working. As they stand outside the workshop, a red cloth flies into Nami’s face. As a result, the half-naked carpenter Franky appears and apologizes. He has too many drying mechanisms so it just flew away. Kiwi and Mozz cover Franky’s abdomen, who wants his red underpants back from Nami. The latter is shocked. Franky asks her what kind of super Mikoshi he should build. Chopper mentions that it will be difficult to win because the other contestants are also strong, such as the Flying Fish Gang or the Rolling Express Service. The Thriller Company, led by Perona, Absalom, Hogback and Cindry, enter the workshop. They inform that it is hopeless to participate in the race. Franky doesn’t want to lose to these scum and Luffy builds a Super Mikoshi, which they will use to win.

In the Night on the Road: The Flying Fish Gang, led by Duval, is ambushed by the Thriller Company, and Perona uses her spirits to get them to stop racing.

By the River: Usopp fishes a skeleton ashore and runs away screaming, but the skeleton holds onto him.

In Nami’s restaurant: The skeleton is already eating the sixth portion. It introduces itself as Brook. He can’t remember anything except his name. When Nami notices something rattling in Brook’s head, he pulls out a flute.

House of Thriller Company: Hogback crosses off the Flying Fish Gang team from a list, and explains that there are only two teams left in the race besides theirs. They still want to take out the remaining two teams.

In town, at night: Franky, Mozz and Kiwi are working on Luffy’s Mikoshi while Perona ambushes them. Absalom, meanwhile, steals the Mikoshi from the rolling Express Service, but is now being pursued by Lola’s gang. Luffy, Usopp, and Brook see the apparently floating Mikoshi and now run after it as well. However, they are stopped by zombies. However, Brook remembers how to fight and suddenly pulls a sword out of his transverse flute and easily defeats the zombies. Nami and Sanji now join them as well. Absalom has managed to destroy Lola’s Mikoshi and escape. They immediately head to the workshop to rescue their Mikoshi and Mao, who was about to take a packed lunch there.

At the garage: They arrive late and their Mikoshi has already been destroyed. Brook breaks down and remembers that he is a member of the Thriller Company. He thanks everyone for taking care of him and walks towards town.

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