One Piece Episode 405


Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 12: Bartholomew Kuma has made Zoro disappear. Usopp still cannot comprehend this. Chopper continues to be out of control. Luffy Cries Out for Zoro. Kizaru is also taken back by Bear’s appearance. Nami remembers seeing this technique before on the Thriller Bark when Perona disappeared. Sentomaru wants to know what Bear is doing here. Luffy can only continue to think of Zoro and wants to know where he is. Sentomaru tells him that he heard Bear can use this technique to send the afflicted person through the clouds for 3 days and nights. However, Bear determines the location where the afflicted person lands. Sanji and Usopp also want to know where the samurai sent Zoro. As they continue to advise him, PX-1 attacks the two with a laser. Before the beam can hit the two, Bear makes the Pacifista disappear as well. This action makes Sentomaru suspicious. He wants to know what Bear is planning. Luffy yells to Usopp, Sanji, and Brook to get the hell out of here. Everyone should get to safety for now. Zoro can be taken care of later. Nami and Franky continue their escape. The trio closest to Bear also wants to move away.

Bear comes at the three of them, Brook trying to protect the other two with his life. Before he can do anything, the samurai makes him disappear as well. Usopp and Luffy are stunned. Sanji prepares himself for an attack. However, Luffy yells at him to flee. Bear blocks Sanji’s kick easily and flings it away. He now goes for Usopp, who fires indiscriminately at him in a panic. Bear ignores the projectiles and makes Usopp disappear as well. Sanji attacks his adversary again, but is also blown to smithereens. Luffy is absolutely powerless in the face of the situation. Meanwhile, Kizaru and Rayleigh are still fighting. Rayleigh realizes that there seems to be bigger problems, but can do nothing. He is all the more surprised when Bear suddenly appears next to him and whispers something to him. Rayleigh counters whether he should believe Bear in this situation. The samurai leaves the choice up to Rayleigh. Kizaru wants to know what exactly Bartholomew Kuma has to do here. The latter doesn’t answer the question, however, because the World Government isn’t cooperating with the Navy in this situation, and so he can refuse to provide information.

Luffy goes nuts and activates Gear 2, but Bear then appears in front of Nami and Franky, at which point Franky attacks him with a Strong Right to protect Nami, however he attack shows no effect. Luffy charges at Bear, while Robin wants him not to because that’s exactly what Bear wants. The latter blocks the jet pistol with no problem. With the next move, ship’s carpenter Franky also disappears. Nami is terrified as she faces her opponent alone and screams for help, but Bear is relentless and sends her on a journey as well before Luffy can save her. The loss of his next two friends sends the Straw Hat captain into a rage. He runs at Bartholomew Kuma and goes to attack him, but he teleports away. He yells for Chopper, in front of whom Bear has appeared. With one move, Monster Chopper is gone as well. Luffy pleads for Bear to stop and runs towards Robin, but the archaeologist also disappears without a trace before Luffy’s eyes before he could grab her hand.

Luffy is completely down mentally. He lies on the ground, crying bitterly. He couldn’t protect a single one of his friends. Luffy remembers how his friends joined his pirate gang. As Luffy suffers to himself, Sentomaru asks Bartholomew Kuma if he will now let Luffy fly and then be done with his task. Bear does not answer, but turns to Luffy and sends him on a journey, saying that they will never see each other again.

The Straw Hat Pirates, led by Captain Monkey D. Luffy, has been crushed on Grove 12 of the Sabaody Archipelago!

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