One Piece Episode 404


Sabaody Archipelago, near the Human Auctioning House: The Heart and Kid pirate gang are still fighting the Pacifista. When the Kid finally manages to defeat him, Law doubts that this was the real Bartholomew Kuma, as a samurai would not be so easy to beat. Just before the two pirate gangs part ways again, a new Pacifista appears.

Grove 12: Brook and Usopp try to stop Kizaru from killing Zoro, but their attacks do nothing. Kizaru explains to them that he ate of the Sparkle Fruit, type Logia. He is a light person and cannot be physically attacked normally. Things look very bad for Zoro, and no one can help him in any way. As Kizaru goes to kill him, his attack is stopped by the suddenly appeared Rayleigh. He blocks Kizaru’s kick with his leg and redirects the attack. Kizaru immediately recognizes Rayleigh, the latter tells him to leave the Straw Hats alone as now would be their age. The rest of the crew is relieved. The admiral has heard rumors that Rayleigh would be on the archipelago. He sees these rumors as confirmed. In fairly casual small talk, Kizaru doesn’t understand why he’s helping the Straw Hats, but blames it on the fact that a pirate can never get out of his skin. Rayleigh counters that Kizaru should just tear up the latter’s wanted poster. Kizaru only replies that a pirate’s sins will always endure.

Usopp rejoices at Zoro’s rescue, while Brook wonders how Rayleigh could do anything against Kizaru. Meanwhile, the two swashbucklers negotiate the release of the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy then gives the order to escape. Brook and Usopp take care of Zoro, and the rest also make their escape. Franky uses all of his Coke supplies and makes sure PX-1 can’t follow them with the Coup de Vent. Luffy, while running, thanks Rayleigh for making it possible for them to escape, who still waves after him without a care in the world, telling them to take care of themselves. Kizaru uses “Yatano Kagami” to follow the Straw Hats. Rayleigh prevents this by throwing himself with his sword at the disintegrating Kizaru in between. The latter responds by using “Amanomurakumo” to create a sword of light as well. The blades cross. Rayleigh is able to inflict a scratch on Kizaru’s face. Sentomaru sees for the first time that someone was able to stop Kizaru.

Sentomaru gives PX-1 the order to take out Zoro first. Sanji does not miss this and rushes to the rescue. Meanwhile, Zoro wants to sacrifice himself for the Straw Hats by asking Usopp to depose him. The latter declares Zoro insane and thinks nothing of it. Suddenly, PX-1 appears behind the trio and Brook confronts the giant Pacifista. PX-1 has no trouble at all, though, and defeats Brook with his laser. Sanji, meanwhile, has arrived and uses Diable Jambe against PX-1. However, the cyborg is able to get back up and wants to continue attacking with his laser while Sanji is writhing on the ground in pain. PX-1 wants to finish the job, but Sanji clings to his leg in exhaustion and tries to stop him.

At the same time Sentomaru pursues Luffy. He follows the fight between Rayleigh and Kizaru out of the corner of his eye. Sanji was able to escape the attack. Luffy tells them to keep running. Sentomaru points out that he doesn’t have time to take care of the others. He explains that he doesn’t even have to use his axe. He takes Luffy down with Ashigara Dokkoi. Chopper frantically follows the scenarios. Meanwhile, PX-1 hits Sanji with a laser and goes down. Usopp is also grazed by a laser and Chopper goes crazy. Wanting this all to stop, he takes the third Rumble Ball and transforms into his monster form. The opponents are irritated, the friends worried. Robin grabs Luffy while Usopp tries to get Brook and Sanji back on their feet, as PX-1 is about to launch another beam. However, he is given an order to refrain from doing so. The person giving the order is Bartholomew Kuma, the samurai. Zoro senses that this is the real one. Bear is amazed that Zoro survived the torture he put him through on the Thriller Bark. He asks him where Zoro would go if he took a trip. Without waiting for an answer, Bartholomew Kuma simply makes Zoro disappear. The rest of the Straw Hat gang wonders what happened.


  • When Chopper sees how hopeless the situation is and takes his Rumble Balls, you can see that he eats three of them. But since he already took one in the fight against PX-4, that would be a total of four Rumble Balls, which must simply be a mistake on the anime’s part.
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