One Piece Episode 403


Near the Human Auctioning House: Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law and his teams face off against a Pacifista. The Kid orders Law not to interfere as he is in the way, but Law refuses to take orders. As the Pacifista attacks, Law activates his “Room” when a large group of marines also arrive to capture the pirates. Bepo, Jean Bart, and Killer attack the Pacifista, but without leaving much damage. Kid forms a huge metal fist from the marine’s weapons, which he uses to attack his opponent.

Grove 12: Chopper goes on the offensive and attacks the Pacifista with Kokutei Roseo Metel, but the attack leaves him unimpressed. He goes to use his laser, but Franky is able to deflect it with a punch. Now Franky attacks the Pacifista with his Franky Boxing, but this only ends with a powerful blow for Franky, his opponent is still unharmed. Robin uses her devil power to catch Franky with a net from her hands. Brook then attacks from far above with Swallow Bond en Avant, however this attack does not have the expected effect at all, as Brook gets stuck in the armor. The Pacifista tries to destroy Brook with a beam from his mouth, but Usopp spares Brook this fate by attacking with Atlas Suisei. After this attack, Chopper notices that something is wrong with the cyborg. Franky explains that one of Usopp’s blasts had hit his mouth, apparently damaging him. He theorizes that there might be a living human under all that steel after all.

Nami, now about to attack, is warned by Sanji that the Pacifista would have seen her, he gets ready to fire his laser. But this time Robin prevents him from doing so. She uses her attack Ochenta Fleurs, Cuatra Mano, Shock. With her arms she hits her opponent on the head, thus the laser beam explodes in his neck. Usopp is ecstatic that this should finally finish off the Pacifista, but he’s still intact and gets her Thunder Lance speed from Nami. It looks like that actually damaged him a bit. The cyborg gets back up though and shoots lasers out of his hands uncontrollably. Sanji is ready to attack. He applies his Diable Jambe and gives him a Flambage Shot. This sends the Pacifista flying in Zoro’s direction and gets his Nine Swords style off, Ashura hits him directly, and the Pacifista is now bleeding a bit as well. Lastly, Luffy jumps down from the top of a mangrove and activates Gear 3. With a Gomu Gomu no Gigant Rifle, Luffy finishes the fight.

The Straw Hat Pirates is visibly out of breath. They have to catch their breath, but Franky and Usopp are sure that they have finished off this Bartholomew Kuma. The question arises, what exactly is this Bartholomew Kuma? Franky thinks that he must be some sort of modified human, but since he is different from the bear on the Thriller Bark, they could possibly be twins. Sanji spots the inscription PX-4 on the fighting machine, but can’t do anything with it. Luffy thinks they should rest for now. But Sanji thinks this is a bad idea, as they could all be captured at once in their condition if they come into contact with the enemy. Just then, a voice sounds from a mangrove. It is Sentomaru and another Bartholomew Kuma.

Sentomaru is the captain of the naval headquarters research unit and Dr. Vegapunk’s bodyguard. He’s not thrilled with what the Straw Hats have done with PX-4, since he’s been as expensive as an entire warship. Chopper, Usopp, and Brook get scared in the face of another samurai. Franky wants to know from Sentomaru who he is, but he doesn’t answer the question, only stating that he would have the best defense in the whole world. However, he blabs right after and reveals his name, which he really didn’t want to do. Sentomaru orders PX-1 (the Bartholomew Kuma) to finish off the Straw Hats.

The Pacifista shoots one of his beams at the Straw Hats, but everyone manages to dodge it. With no chance of defeating their opponents, Luffy gives the order to flee. They split up into groups of three. Sanji wants to escape with Nami and Franky, Zoro with Usopp and Brook, and Luffy with Chopper and Robin. They all run off in different directions, throwing Sentomaru off a bit. To add to the confusion, Usopp fires a smoke bomb, obscuring Sentomaru and PX-1’s vision. However, the cyborg manages to destroy the bridge in front of Sanji, Nami, and Franky, diminishing their chances of escape. Sentomaru, meanwhile, gets in the way of Luffy’s group. Luffy attacks him with the Gomu Gomu no Gatling, but it is easily deflected by Sentomaru. This comes as a great surprise to Luffy and Chopper. Sentomaru tells Luffy that his fighting style is pretty good, but his defense is just world class. He then gives Luffy a strong blow that causes Luffy to smash a building. Luffy remarks that there’s something strange about Sentomaru, but he immediately corrects that he doesn’t have any devil powers. Judging by some outcries, there seems to be trouble with Zoro’s group as well. Admiral Kizaru has arrived and sent Zoro to the ground with one of his beams.

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