One Piece Episode 401


Grove 13: The Straw Hat Pirates says goodbye to Camie, Pappag, Shakuyaku and Rayleigh. Franky is thrilled to have met one of Roger’s former comrades, as he now knows what kind of people Tom was building a ship for back in the day.

Grove 27, Harbor: The pirates present there flee in a hopeless panic before the arrived admiral of the naval headquarters Kizaru. One of the bounty hunters is hopeful that if he could finish off the admiral here, he would instantly become famous. His friend tries to dissuade him, but too late. He shoots Kizaru in the head with a rifle, which is completely ignored by him. The pirates want to flee, but in a flash Kizaru is in front of them and asks them if they know where a man named Sentomaru might be. However, the pirates flee from Kizaru without answering, causing him to fire a beam that drops Mangrove 27. Meanwhile, the whole spectacle is watched by Scratchmen Apoo, whose men try to urge him to leave.

Change of scene: A multitude of marines have turned into little children and old men. Jewelry Bonney is responsible for this, sitting on a rooftop and having a delicious time. Elsewhere, Capone Bege has been surrounded by some marines, but without his crew. Capone informs them that unbeknownst to them, they would have been outgunned long ago, in simple military strength. Elsewhere, Admiral Kizaru appears before Basil Hawkins and his crew, whom he also asks about his subordinate Sentomaru. Hawkins’ men immediately want to flee and get their captain to flee because of it, but he calmly replies that today would not be the day he dies.

Kid Pirates & Heart Pirates vs Bartholomew Kuma: The two pirate gangs are still fighting the samurai, but can’t do much damage. When the Kid knocks him down with a huge metal arm of guns and swords, it doesn’t help either, as Bear gets back up.

Grove 12: Another Bartholomew Kuma suddenly appears in front of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Capone’s crew appears ready to fight. They emerge from Capone’s body as small humans, but as they cross a seemingly invisible threshold, they assume normal size. The marines are under attack. Capone reiterates that their military strength simply can’t match his.

Grove 27: Jewelry Bonney is sitting on top of a building with her crew. They hear from the pirates running away that Kizaru has arrived and to make matters worse, one of the Seven Samurai has shown up.

Grove 24: Urouge also comes face to face with a Bartholomew Kuma. He asks Bear if he could just let him pass peacefully by Marine HQ. Also on Grove 24, Basil Hawkins is laying down cards. He’s figuring out his chances against Kizaru. The latter repeats the question about his subordinate Sentomaru again. Hawkins replies that he doesn’t know a man by that name, and Kizaru should ask someone else about him. Kizaru now explains to Hawkins that if he couldn’t find him, he would be bored. He couldn’t let a wanted man with such a high bounty just sit around with boredom. He asks him if he’d ever been kicked at the speed of light. Hawkins takes a kick and is thrown through a wall. Suddenly, on Grove 27, a pirate is hit by something and keels over bleeding profusely. The pirates standing around can’t explain this.

Grove 24: Apoo is still watching Admiral Kizaru. The admiral fires his finger into the wall Hawkins flew into. At the docks, another pirate is hit by something and goes down with severe burns. Unharmed, Hawkins steps out of the wreckage. He tells Kizaru that he far exceeded his expectations. Out of Hawkins arm come two dolls, both of which appear to be badly damaged. Hawkins seems to be performing some sort of voodoo spell with them to release damage sustained to others. Suddenly, Urouge lands next to Hawkins. All he can say is that Bear has incredible strength, then he recognizes Kizaru in front of him and immediately starts lamenting that this day would be the end of him. However, Hawkins only comments that he wouldn’t see the shadow of death over Urouge. That’s when X. Drake manages to give Bear a kick, whereupon he is immediately addressed by Kizaru as ex-Conteradmiral X. Drake. Urouge now wants to get serious. He grows into a mountain of muscle about twice as big as he was before. Apoo gets more and more amazed and says to his men that this will be an exciting and fantastic fight.

Grove 12: Luffy is informed by his crew that the man who appeared before them is one of the Seven Samurai. He attacks Luffy with a laser beam, which Luffy is able to dodge. The Straw Hats get ready to fight and Luffy realizes that Bear was the one who tried to take them out back on the Thriller Bark. Franky attacks Bear with the Coup de Vent and hits him squarely. Luffy activates Gear 2. Luffy knows about Bear’s strength, which is why he wants to give it his all from the start. Zoro notes in his mind that this Bartholomew Kuma is different from the one he faced on Thriller Bark, but he dismisses it as a figment of his imagination.

Grove 36: Someone with a broadaxe is sitting on a building. He thinks that his superior, Kizaru, is running late, and that he should be on the island by now. He says there will be nothing left if he doesn’t hurry.


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