One Piece Episode 399


Grove 1: Marines sneak into the auction hall through the back entrance to free the supposed hostages, Saint Rosward and his family.

At the same time, pirate captains Luffy, Eustass Kid, and Trafalgar Law continue to fight side-by-side against the Marines. The marines see themselves as clearly outmatched, but want to hold out until Admiral Kizaru arrives. Law doesn’t want to wait that long, though. He tosses the Marine’s head, which he switched with a cannonball, back to the Marines. The latter complains of pain on his body (so he seems to still be connected to it) and warns of the circle Law is drawing. Law, however, reacts faster, reinstating his “Room” and slicing up the marines. Meanwhile, Luffy has changed into Gear 3 and pumped the air into his left arm, which is now giant-sized. The marine now wants to take up arms, but they are magnetically attracted to the Eustass Kid. His power even reaches into the auction hall, where all the swords and other weapons fly outside and form a giant metal arm out of it along with the others. The three captains now attack the navy.

Everyone’s crews are now showing up. Sanji notes that they must all have devil powers. Brook can’t believe his eyes. Meanwhile, Rayleigh is amused by how the supernovae are proceeding. The Navy interprets the scene to mean that with the crews’ appearance, the pirates’ escape should now begin. The three World Nobles have been rescued, the order goes out for the mortars to fire on anything that doesn’t have a devil’s fruit. The navy rallies once more. In a final conversation before they split up, Luffy says he’s going to be the Pirate King, to which Law and the Kid bristle. Up until now, they’ve always been laughed at for such statements. It is agreed that they will meet again in the New World. Meanwhile, the captains’ crews fight the Navy. Killer, Bepo, and Sanji clear out the navy. Kid orders that it’s time to go.

Duval draws attention to himself and goes to pick up the Straw Hats. Luffy runs towards the Tobiuo Riders, right into Brook’s lullaby. Sanji’s kick wakes Luffy back up, though. Meanwhile, the marines threaten Duval. Robin saves Duval and crew via Nueve Fleurs, Twist. Rayleigh (loaded with Hatchan) and Franky (with Camie and Pappag) are sent ahead, while Usopp, Chopper and Zoro keep the others at bay. Nami’s Thunder Bolt speed defeats a lot of marines.

The slave of Rosward – Jean Bart – is recruited by Trafalgar Law for his crew. He accepts the offer because Law saved him from the Tenryuubito. Law, however, honestly points out that half of the thanks goes to Luffy.

The Tobiuo Riders and the Straw Hats escape from Grove 1, but are pursued by the marines.

Kid and his crew have already moved a good distance away from the battle and now give the signal to leave. Out of nowhere, however, Kid is attacked by a white ray, but it only grazes him. His crew is horrified, while Kid wonders what the Samurai of the Seas is doing here! Standing before him is Bartholomew Kuma!

The Heart pirate gang also fights their way through the marines. The marines are amazed by Bepo’s ability to speak. Immediately, he apologizes. Law calls for haste and Jean Bart destroys the bridge between the Groves so that the marines cannot follow them. Bepo makes it clear to him that as a rookie, he would have to serve under him. Jean Bart agrees, as long as he doesn’t have to be a slave.

Meanwhile, Franky has rebuilt Duval’s Bison Motobaro to make it faster. On their way to Grove 13, they pass Grove 8, the hideout of Peterman and his gang of human traffickers.

On the run, the Heart pirate gang takes the same path as the Kid and also encounters the latter and Bartholomew Kuma. Bear recognizes Law and attacks him with a laser beam as well. Kid makes it clear to Law that he would be in the way as this is his fight. Law continues to not want to be told what to do by the Kid and wants Bear to let his crew pass.

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