One Piece Episode 396


Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 1: At the auction house, the dancer Pascia is sold.

Saint Charlos finally arrives at the auction house. He notes that he has already missed half of the fun and makes this point about his slow riding slave. Charlos announces that he hopes to bid on a mermaid when one is offered. Chopper and the kid pirate gang take note that Charlos has arrived. The world aristocrat takes a seat with his sister Shalria, who greets him, and his father Saint Rosward, while the auction-goers look away anxiously.

At the moment, a pirate captain named Lacuba is offered for sale with a 17 million berry bounty on his head. While Disko is still listing Lacuba’s merits, blood suddenly drips onto the floor in front of Lacuba and horror can be read from the audience’s reactions. Lacuba collapses. Disko emits a curse and interrupts the auction for a moment. While Nami wonders what happened, Sanji explains to her that the captain bit his own tongue to kill himself. He wanted to die rather than end up a slave. Sanji judges this decision to be wise. Chopper and Franky worry about Camie, while Nami is just waiting to buy her back.

Backstage, an employee examines the captain and discovers his death, which sends Disko into a rage. He orders the mermaid to be sold next to make up for this embarrassing situation, while Camie looks apathetically at the dead Lacuba.

Grove 13: Zoro has lost his way once again. He continues walking and meets the bounty hunters who gave him directions to Grove 1, but they were wrong and Zoro beats them up without further ado. At the same moment, Luffy comes by with his Tobiuo Rider and takes Zoro aboard his flying fish.

On stage Disko then apologizes for Lacuba, who just had a bit of a nosebleed and then collapsed. He will not be for sale again today. Disko now hosts Camie with superlatives, who is introduced in a water ball. The audience is enthralled. Hatchan and Pappag call for her while Nami prepares to climb Camie with the 200 million berry. Camie notices the Straw Hats and Hatchan and hopes they will rescue her. Meanwhile, Saint Charlos is tongue-tied with joy. After a second of deliberation, he offers 500 million berry for Camie! Nami is perplexed and the straw hats present look horrified. Silence falls, no one can raise that bid, while Nami just panics realizing she doesn’t have nearly that much money. Saint Rosward talks about this waste of money, noting that Charlos’ fish tank is already full of piranhas. This doesn’t bother Charlos at all, though; after all, mermaids are supposed to be the fastest creatures underwater. Camie himself can’t hear anything from outside through the water sphere and screams for Hatchan. The Straw Hats, Hatchan, and Pappag frantically confer on what to do. While Chopper and Sanji are clueless, it is clear to Hatchan that he must free Camie by force. Pappag reminds him that if he does, Camie’s collar would explode. They would need the key for it. Disko announces that Charlos is the buyer of Camie.

The Kid feels the whole event is a farce and is about to leave the auction hall when there is a loud bang as Luffy and Zoro have crashed through the roof of the Human Auctioning House with their Tobiuo Rider. Luffy blames the Tobiuo Rider for not being able to land reasonably, while the latter explains that well, this is a flying fish. Suddenly, Zoro is also standing in all the smoke, wondering why everyone was in such a hurry to get back to the Sunny. Kid recognizes Luffy as he sees Camie in the water ball. Luffy wants to rush right up to the stage. To stop Luffy and enlighten him that Camie is wearing an exploding collar and you can’t just take her off the stage like that, Hatchan uses everything he can muster. This includes all of his arms, which sends the audience into an uproar. While Luffy charges at Camie unflinchingly and the guards oppose him, the audience is disgusted with Hatchan. Pappag advises Hatchan that they should leave so they don’t have to free Hatchan as well. Nami is horrified to find that all the prejudice here continues. Meanwhile, Luffy is stuck in a cluster of guards when suddenly a shot rings out. He pauses as Camie and Pappag look on in horror at what has happened. Saint Charlos has shot Hatchan! The latter is now happy that he shot a fish-man and the audience is happy about this decision, while the Straw Hats look stunned. Camie is crying in her prison.

Charlos celebrates himself and notes that he caught a fish man himself, so this one won’t cost him anything. Luffy sees red and charges at Charlos. Hatchan grabs Luffy’s arm and tells him that under no circumstances should he attack a world aristocrat. He himself was a pirate and did bad things, so he might even deserve the bullet under some circumstances. He blames himself for this situation and calls himself useless for not being able to help. Charlos gets fed up with Hatchan’s talk and points the gun at him again. Luffy gets in his way and walks towards him, as the audience looks on in amazement and the Kid wonders if Luffy is serious about what he’s about to do. That seems to be the case, as Luffy punches Charlos square in the face with all his might!

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