One Piece Episode 394


Duval and the Tobiuo Riders arrive at Sanji’s house. While the kidnapping is just a side topic in the conversation, Duval tells them about his bust at womanizing, which sets Sanji off. Usopp and Franky hop on the flying fish – Sanji on Motobaro – and plan to collect the rest of the Straw Hats before they start looking for Camie.

Sabaody Park: Chopper is very worried about Camie. While he and Brook remain at the public Den-den Mushi waiting for their friends, Luffy, Hatchan and Pappag have gone off on their own to find Camie. Seeing how relaxed Brook is, Chopper jams him up, but the skeleton says there’s nothing they can do anyway except wait for the Tobiuo Riders. Chopper lets that argument stand and the two relax, causing the incoming Usopp to freak out. Chopper and Brook are collected and the race against time begins. Duval makes it clear to his subordinates that they are to seek out all known trafficking groups as quickly as possible and find out who the kidnappers are. Sanji is pissed that Motobaro is so slow, since Duval is the leader after all and would rather have gone with a flying fish.

Zoro, meanwhile, has taken the injured man to the hospital. When a doctor examines the patient and finds that he is not wearing an exploding necklace, Zoro asks if that would matter. The doctor says that if he were a slave, he wouldn’t be able to work and it would be easier to get a new one, to which Zoro gets angry and says he should just treat him. As the swordsman leaves the hospital, he thinks the archipelago is a weird island and wants to go back to Thousand Sunny in Grove 1.

Grove 22: Meanwhile, Luffy rattles off the human traders with Hatchan and Pappag. At a human store, Luffy describes the incident and wants to see every mermaid they have, but when the human trader only tries to sell Marin, who has dressed up as a mermaid, they leave the store. Thus, Luffy decides to shout Camie’s name at the top of his voice to find her. Meanwhile, Pappag blames himself, saying that this is all his fault. Luffy reassures him by saying that Camie would have looked cheerful. Pappag, however, seems heartbroken.

Grove 30: Nami and Robin store. Robin tells of the oppression of the fish people some two hundred years ago. At that time, they were only classified as “fish” and not perceived as humans. Although fish people are stronger than humans, they could not stop the oppression because they were greatly outnumbered. On the archipelago, however, this belief still seems to hold, which is why Hatchan and Camie conceal their true identities. Franky flies by with the Tobiuo Riders and informs the two Straw Hat Ladies of Camie’s abduction.

Meanwhile, Hatchan and Pappag have also told Luffy about the discrimination against the fish people. Luffy swears that he will save Camie because all three are his friends. The Tobiuo Riders also collect these three.

Grove 1: Peterman delivers Camie to the Human Auctioning House. Also arriving at the auction house are World Nobles Saint Rosward and Princess Shalria, who are escorted to their VIP seats by an auction staff member. Likewise, the Kid pirate gang is on hand. The Kid seems interested in the auctions and would like to bid as well if the bidding is suitable. Trafalgar Law is also present with his crew and is noticed by the Kid.

An employee informs Mister Disko, the host of the Human Auctioning House, about the latest merchandise, a mermaid. Backstage, Camie is being readied for the auction. She is to have an exploding necklace put on her. Camie remembers Devil Dias, whose necklace exploded when he escaped. Disko is now looking at the mermaid as well. He is pleased with the rarity and hopes to get a good price. She sticks her tongue out at him, which he returns with a punch, calling her fish scum. Before he can maltreat her further, he is reminded that she is a precious commodity. Camie cries and screams that Hatchan will save her. Disko then loses consciousness out of the blue. The employees worry about him and call a doctor.

In the cell, in front of which Disco collapsed, a captured giant addresses his fellow prisoner that he should not behave so innocently. He says that the burst of his aura, which was aimed right at Disco, is attributable to him. The giant wants to know who this guy is. The answer is terse: he’s just an old man who can’t stand to see a pretty girl. It’s the present coating-worker Silvers Rayleigh, who used to be Gol D. Roger’s vice!


  • Unlike in the manga, Law doesn’t give Kid the middle finger in the anime when Kid notices him in the auction house. As a result, Kid’s subsequent comment that Law has no manners makes no sense.
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