One Piece Episode 393


Grove 13: Luffy & Co. are in the Bottakuri Bar. After talking with Shakuyaku, Luffy, Brook, Chopper, Camie, Pappag and Hatchan leave the bar and say goodbye to Shakuyaku in order to find the coating craftsman Rayleigh with the others.

Luffy and the others visit Sabaody Park. This is an amusement park on the Sabaody Archipelago. It takes up the entire 30 Groves. Since this is one of Rayleigh’s favorite places in the archipelago, they search here, however they quickly forget about Rayleigh and they really go wild on the attractions for now. Camie is very happy because it was always her greatest wish to go to an amusement park and is happy to have met Luffy and the others. From afar, Peterman, leader of the human trafficking gang Hound Pets, watches the group in a bear costume.

Flashback, Grove 8, Hound Pets Base: The bounty hunters who attacked the Straw Hats in the Outlaw Zone report to the Hound Pets that there is a mermaid on the archipelago. When they attacked the Straw Hats, Camie lost her shoe, which she wears to camouflage her tail fin. This is a golden opportunity for the human traffickers, as such a “commodity” is very rare and, more importantly, worth a lot of money at the Human Auctioning House as a result. However, Peterman is told by a bounty hunter that Camie is traveling with Luffy and thus not very easy to kidnap. The Hound Pets decide to reach into their bag of tricks. For the information, the bounty hunter gets 10% of Camie’s selling price.

Sabaody Park: Peterman, in a bear costume, approaches Camie, who was briefly left alone by the others.

Grove 24: Urouge and his gang notice the World Aristocrat Saint Charlos riding his slave and passing the street. Urouge doesn’t want any trouble with the World Aristocrat, though he can hardly stand the sight of him. Everyone present kneels before him while Charlos stomps on his slave for being too slow and losing sight of his father and sister because of it. When doctors want to take a badly wounded man to the hospital on a stretcher, Charlos stops them and demands his respect because saving the man is less important than respecting the World Nobles. Besides Urouge, other rookies are also watching the proceedings. In the aftermath, he declares the shocked nurse Marie his 13th wife and has her taken to the Holy Land Mary Geoise. The fiancé of Marie, who does not agree with this, he simply shoots down.

At the same moment, Zoro walks around unsuspectingly and encounters Charlos. He is recognized by the surrounding Supernovae. Zoro immediately earns the wrath of Charlos, who shoots at him without warning. Zoro dodges the shot and is about to attack him when Jewelry Bonney throws himself at Zoro and fakes his death. Charlos assumes he imagined Zoro’s dodge and moves on with his companions towards Grove 1 to the auction house. After taking a telling off from Bonney, who fortunately for all the pirates prevented Zoro from bringing an admiral to the archipelago, he takes the wounded man to the hospital. Jewelry Bonney can’t understand this because a pirate doesn’t usually care about others. The Supernovae Capone “Gang” Bege, Basil Hawkins, Scratchmen Apoo, and Urouge then talk about Zoro, calling him insane to attack a world aristocrat. Furthermore, there would be an immense killer instinct coming from Zoro. Urouge wonders why he is only the first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates. How strong would the captain have to be for Zoro to even submit to him? According to Basil Hawkins, however, the shadow of death does not hover over Zoro.

Sanji, Franky and Usopp are on the Thousand Sunny talking about the Bon Charis, which are made of soap bubbles and which they discovered on the archipelago. When suddenly the Den-den Mushi rings, Chopper reports from Sabaody Park, telling Sanji that Camie has been kidnapped! The three are shocked, while the Hound Pets take Camie to Grove 1, where the Human Auctioning House is located, to have her auctioned off. Since there are a lot of Human Shops on the archipelago and it’s almost impossible to find Camie quickly, Sanji calls the Tobiuo Riders. They were human traffickers themselves and should know a lot about this business.

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