One Piece Episode 391


While most of the Straw Hat Pirates have gone to town, Sanji, Franky and Usopp stay behind to repair the Thousand Sunny and look after the treasures. Zoro jumps off the ship to look around when Sanji and Usopp try to hold him back, since his sense of direction isn’t the best. However, Zoro figures that he can’t get lost at all if he just remembers the number of the Grove, since all the mangrove trees are numbered. He is able to convince Usopp and Sanji, who now let him go. However, Zoro remembers Grove 1 instead of Grove 41, where the Thousand Sunny is anchored, because a soap bubble covers the 4th grove.

Meanwhile, Hatchan teaches Luffy and co. about the World Nobles, who, for example, wear a special suit so they don’t have to breathe the same air as normal citizens. The proximity of the naval headquarters poses a particularly great danger in conflicts with the World Nobles in this regard. He also enlightens them about the rules that apply on the Sabaody Archipelago, such as that fish people and mermaids must remain incognito. Hatchan also explains that there are many pirates on the archipelago who want to leave for the New World, which is why the navy and many bounty hunters are also active on the island. If the pirates were to be caught by human traffickers, they are not protected by the law and Hatchan advises them to be careful not to attract attention or they would be constantly pursued. When Hatchan wants to tell something else about the archipelago, Luffy asks him what kind of wound he has on his forehead, since he taped off his tattoo with a band-aid. The latter just says it’s nothing and asks Luffy not to treat Camie and him like a fish-man and a mermaid, but like normal people.

Luffy squeezes himself into a bubble. A merchant holds something similar to a bicycle out to him and instructs him to combine it with the bubble. Promptly, Luffy possesses a Bon Chari, a bubble bike. The merchant wants to sell it to him, but Hatchan refuses, saying renting will do. Luffy and Chopper, however, insist on wanting to buy one, but Hatchan only rents a bubble wheel for all of them. The merchant regrets this. Together, they all ride Bon Charis around the archipelago, and Luffy still intends to buy one. Hatchan reminds him of bouncing around on the bubbles in the sky when they first arrived on the island. Luffy says the bubbles popped, which is why he flew back down. He explains that he left the unique climate of the Sabaody Archipelago, where the bubbles only remain stable. Tourists usually buy Bon Charis because they don’t know that you can only use them on the archipelago. Camie adds that you can also use the Bon Charis on Fishmen Island because they also have the bubble culture.

Grove 35: Luffy, Chopper and Brook eat at Antonio and his souvenir store Antonio’s Graman “Grand Line Manjuu”, or “Graman” for short, and buy (superfluous) souvenirs. So that Luffy doesn’t have to lug the stuff around with difficulty, he got himself a Bon Bag to stow the stuff in and carry it around easily. Meanwhile, Nami and Robin separate from the group to go shopping.

Luffy and Hatchan start a race with their Bon Charis. In the process, they reach Grove 31, where escaped slave Devil Dias is begging for his life because he is wearing an exploding necklace. These necklaces explode when the slave tries to escape or tries to remove them, as is the case with Diaz. The explosion of his necklace causes him to be severely injured. To make matters worse, Saru the dog shows up first, peeing on him, and then his owners, the World Nobles Princess Shalria and her father Saint Rosward. Diaz is humiliated and shot by Shalria. Hatchan, Camie, and Pappag prevent Luffy and company from intervening. Princess Shalria wants a giant as her next slave, but her father is against it and suggests a human child. To this, she replies that she hates the weak.

Pappag enlightens Luffy and the others that the World Nobles are the descendants of the founders of the World Government, and if they are attacked, one of the admirals of the Navy Headquarters will prosecute and punish the perpetrators. Bounty hunters watch the group from afar.

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