One Piece Episode 390


Tobiuo Riders Base: After Sanji’s Parage Shot against Duval, he lies in the rubble of his base for some time. The Tobiuo Riders are also badly battered and lift their injured boss out of the rubble. In the process, they can’t believe what they’re seeing.

Thousand Sunny: The Straw Hat Pirates has left the Flying Fish Riders’ base unscathed. Hatchan throws a takoyaki party on his ship and the Straw Hat Pirates gets to eat as much as they can. Even Nami says the Takoyakis are good, though she continues to not forgive Hatchan.

From a distance, Duval and his men pass by. The Straw Hat Pirates is surprised, as Duval is no longer the spitting image of Sanji’s mugshot, but has become a pretty boy due to Sanji’s attack, and henceforth calls himself Handsome. Sanji explains that he has changed his bone structure so that he now has nothing to complain about. The Tobiuo Riders, who have since renamed themselves the Rosy-Life Riders, have stopped by to thank the Straw Hat crew for this. Handsome wants to resume his old life as soon as possible. With his new look, Handsome also tries to wink, but more poorly than not. He also tries to flirt with Nami, but fails, and gets on Sanji and Usopp’s nerves. He then gives Sanji his Den-den Mushi number and offers their help if they need any. After that, he says goodbye.

The feast is over and everyone is full, Hatchan and Pappag are on the floor and Camie cleans up. Afterwards, the Straw Hat Pirates invite them to tea on the Thousand Sunny and Camie explains the rest of their route. They’ll be heading for the Sabaody Archipelago for now. Hatchan explains that mermaids and fish people can just dive down to Fish-Men Island, but normal humans would be crushed by the water pressure. Pappag explains to them that there are two ways to Fishmen Island, but only one is passable for pirates. One is the journey through the Holy Land Mary Geoise, where you have to leave your ship behind, and the journey below the Redline through Fishmen Island. When Nami asks what kind of ship can be used to dive under the Redline, Camie enlightens her. For this dive, the ship must be coated with special resin.

The Straw Hat Pirates arrives at Sabaody Archipelago and admires the many bubbles. Luffy asks where they came from. Before Camie can answer him, Robin interrupts and asks Nami to look at the log port. She is worried that the Sabaody Archipelago is changing course to Fish Man Island. Hatchan is able to reassure her, however, as the archipelago has no magnetic field and is only made of trees. He tells them that the Sabaody Archipelago is made of Yalkiman mangroves. Sanji says that mangroves are the trees that sink and rise with the tides of water. Hatchan says that these mangrove trees do not sink. Also, Hatchan tells that the archipelago consists of 79 mangrove trees, all numbered. The crew continues into the archipelago and anchors at Grove 41, the tourist zone.

When the gang enters the archipelago, Luffy immediately rushes off to explore. Hatchan warns them not to forget the number, as the archipelago is huge and it’s easy to get lost. Luffy plays with the bubbles and climbs up on them. Pappag tells them that the archipelago secretes a special resin, the archipelago sort of “breathes out”. Robin examines the ground and finds that it’s quite sticky, and wipes her hand on Usopp’s pants. Luffy, meanwhile, has discovered Sabaody Park, an amusement park. Hatchan, meanwhile, informs the others about the ship’s hull. It allows a ship to dive underwater, which is why it’s urgent not to get to any amateurs, as the ship and its passengers could be crushed by the water pressure. Hatchan therefore wants to take them to a trustworthy coating craftsman. After that, he makes them promise not to attack a world aristocrat in the city, even if he kills someone.

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