One Piece Episode 389


Grand Line, Tobiuo Riders base: Sanji runs up to Duval and kicks him in the face. Except for the two people involved, the rest find the match between Sanji’s mugshot and Duval’s face exhilarating. Sanji asks him why he didn’t just change his appearance. Duval catches on and agrees with him. Duval used to be a simple mobster in a remote area of the sea. They harassed the inhabitants of villages and lived a happy life until far superior marines showed up to them. While escaping, he was wounded in the back and to avoid being recognized, he wore an iron mask from then on. To get his life back, he has to kill Sanji, who just grabs him by the neck. Again Duval fights back with his harpoon slingshot, which Sanji has to dodge. The Tobiuo Riders fly towards the chef, one of which is taken out by Sanji. He is promptly caught in mid-air by an iron net between two fly fish and pulled into the sea. Since Zoro is too slow in the water, Hatchan wants to help, but even a fish-man can’t match the speed of a fly-fish, which is one of the fastest creatures in the sea. Oxygen tanks allow the Tobiuo Riders to stay underwater for a few minutes. Sanji is supposed to drown in agony.

Pappag interferes in the discussion and enlightens Duval that mermaids are the fastest creatures in the water and one is in it right now. Camie has reached the net and wants to save Sanji. Meanwhile, more Tobiuo Riders lift a giant anchor out of the water and fly it over the Thousand Sunny. Franky wants to use the secret weapon to avoid the anchor because it’s too late for Paddle or the Bust. The anchor is dropped and threatens to destroy the Sunny. Franky launches the Chicken Voyage secret weapon, which spins the figurehead and allows the ship to reverse. After the evasive maneuver, Franky plans a counterattack. Usopp is to climb into the bow. The figurehead’s mouth opens and a cannon appears. Usopp has a target circle, locks it in place, and pulls the lever. The Gaon cannon is fired, destroying most of the Tobiuo Riders base. Luffy is completely thrilled. Franky explains that the cannon requires three barrels of cola. To absorb the recoil, he simultaneously fires a coup de bust of two barrels backwards. Camie was able to free Sanji and brings him to the surface.

Luffy stands in front of Duval, who now tries one last attack with Motobaro. The bison’s iron horns have already pierced a dam in his village, and Duval also owes it to them that he escaped the navy. They are called heart attack horns. With his bare hands, Luffy stops the charging Motobaro. Eye contact between Luffy and Motobaro is enough for the bison to fearfully back away and collapse, foaming at the mouth. No one can really explain what happened. Sanji regains consciousness and wants to settle the matter himself once and for all. With a tirade of kicks to Duval’s face, he drives him back. Oeil, Nez, Joue, Bouche, Dents, Menton, and the Parage Shot at the end.

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