One Piece Episode 388


Grand Line, Tobiuo Riders Base: Luffy at the base and the rest of the Straw Hats on the Thousand Sunny get ready for the impending attack of the fly fish. They shoot out of the water into the sky and Luffy picks one right away, pulling the mount off the fish to fly himself. The Tobiuo Riders drop cannons on the Sunny, which Sanji is able to deflect with a whirl kick. Nami tells the crew to take in the sails because they are unnecessarily disruptive. Meanwhile, Luffy is excited about flying, but when the order is given to dive, his fish also follows the order and his crew has to rescue him from the water. Chopper and Brook also wanted to rescue him, so it takes Nami and Franky to pull all 3 out of the water.

The Macro Pirates wants to take the opportunity to capture the unguarded Camie, but right then Zoro frees Hatchan from his cage. Despite great shades of fish-man karate and goldfish swordsmanship developed especially for Hatchan, the 3 of the Macro Gang are blown sky high. The reunion is great and Hatchan embraces Camie and Pappag, but too late they notice an attacking opponent. Zoro, however, intervenes and slashes him. He tells the three to withdraw from the fight.

On the ship, Usopp could shoot a fish out of the sky with the cannon. Via Den-den Mushi, Duval donates 1 million berry for the treatment costs if someone dares a Zero Fight. A Tobiuo Rider with an iron club takes the job and flies towards the Sunny without slowing down. With the force of a meteor impact, he aims to hit the Sunny, leaving Luffy to take care of the fish while Sanji takes on the Rider. With a kick, he kicks the rider unconscious. Luffy was able to stop the fish with a gum-gum balloon and immediately pulled it onto the ship to have dinner. Brook wants to contribute in his first fight in the Straw Hat Pirates and pulls out his Shikomizue. He jumps up to the mast and from there on into the air. In front of the approaching fly fish, he swings his lullaby Flunge, causing the opponents to fall asleep and fall down. At sea, Brook is already waiting for them and further injures the opponents with his Shikomizue. Again, Luffy catapults himself onto a fly fish, but catches one with a sleeping rider, which is why the fish slams into a hat on the base unchecked. Luffy lies in front of the unmasked Duval, who accuses him of knowing him. Luffy is shocked.

Zoro is still banged up from the fight on the Thriller Bark. Brook comes running across the water to him after taking out many opponents and notices Zoro’s condition, but tells him not to worry. Hatchan takes out another fly fish with his six sword style Takoashi Kiken, who was heading for the two knitted straw hats. Shortly after, the two have to protect Hatchan from an opponent. The Tobiuo Riders decide to attack together in a compound. Nami fools some enemies with a Cool Charge: Mirage Tempo and then sends them flying into a thundercloud. Robin takes out an enemy with Dos Manos Clutch, Chopper with Kokutei Diamond. Franky uses a Strong Hammer to take out the next Rider, while Usopp continues to fire cannon shots. Camie and Pappag cheer at the strength of their allies.

Luffy flees from Duval, who chases him on a large bison, Motobaro. He yells at his men for not dealing with the Straw Hat Pirates. He shoos Hatchan and Camie away because he has no interest in fish people or mermaids. He only became a human trafficker to find a certain person who is finally present now. The person who destroyed his life is Blackfoot Sanji. He doesn’t know Duval and doesn’t understand why he’s mad at him. Duval shoots Sanji with his harpoon gun, the tips of which have been soaked in scorpion venom. One hit causes the victim to die in 3 minutes. He wants to kill the whole gang. Luffy wants to show Zoro Duval’s face, which he also knows and shouldn’t be scared about. He kicks the iron mask off his face, which makes all the straw hats freeze because it’s the spitting image of Sanji’s wanted poster. This is why he went to sea to find the person on the wanted poster, because ever since it appeared, he was mistaken for Blackfoot by bounty hunters and marines. All protestations that he was not the person on the wanted poster came to nothing. He wants his life back.

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