One Piece Episode 385


Mary Geoise: Sengoku is upset about Bartholomew Kuma’s failure to complete his mission to eliminate the witnesses to Moria’s defeat. Garp is also present, but doesn’t take it too seriously and thinks Luffy isn’t the type to brag about defeating Gecko Moria. He unpacks his tea and asks Sengoku for crackers to go with it.

The Thousand Sunny sails quietly through the waters. The boys try to catch fish, but none show up. Luffy is impatient and asks Nami when they will finally reach Fish Man Island. Cue Sanji immediately thinking of the beautiful mermaids. Luffy has had enough and wants some food when a school of fish swims towards them. However, this one swims past the ship regardless of the fishing rods. Nami already suspects something is coming. Suddenly, the sky darkens abruptly and serpentine currents form. Hundreds of huge columns of water rise out of the water. A column of water races above towards the Thousand Sunny. Sanji tries in vain to steer, but the currents are too strong. Again and again the huge water columns threaten the ship and the Straw Hat Pirates has trouble keeping them from destroying the ship. Usopp suggests escaping with a coup de bust, but Nami realizes that even with a coup de bust they have no chance of escaping, as the serpent currents still extend very far out to sea. When the ship is lifted up on one of the currents, Chopper falls off the ship, but luckily can be rescued by Robin.

Soon the crew can finally make out something on the horizon. The Redline stretches far away in front of them. The gang remembers when they first saw the red wall at Reverse Mountain and get ready. A huge current piles up in front of them for the Thousand Sunny to ride. With a coup de bust, they finally escape the serpentine currents and sail on in calm waters.

Everyone is happy to have put the storm and events behind them, and Zoro wonders if they are more mature now than they were before. Luffy notes that they have now sailed halfway around the world once as they reach the Redline for the second time. Everyone is taken by the monstrous sight. Franky remembers how he was here once before as a child. And Robin, how she had come over this mountain range from the Westblue five years ago. Luffy says he will see the Redline one more time, when he is King of the Pirates.

They note that they must be very careful in the future, as they are now in close proximity to the Navy headquarters, as well as Mary Geoise, the seat of the world government. Chopper and Usopp enjoy themselves in the Thousand Sunny’s pool, while Zoro works out with heavy weights in the training room. Nami communicates via the on-board Den-den Mushi with Luffy, Brook, and Robin, who are meanwhile in the Shark Submerge 3 exploring the dark sea. Franky points out to them that the submarine cannot dive deeper than 5,000 meters. The three hear it crack and realize they are over 5,000 meters deep. Brook starts up in a panic. To make matters worse, they discover a large sea monster swimming in the ocean right in front of the porthole. The Shark Submerge 3 narrowly escapes the monster’s bite. On board, Sanji brings his Nami a new dessert from the Horror Pear from the Thriller Bark, but she wonders how they’re supposed to get to Fish Man Island, since the log port points them down a path that’s impassable. Sanji replies that they had the same problem in Sky Island.

Suddenly Luffy, Brook and Robin reappear. Brook and Luffy are happy about the boat trip they made and say that you can’t see anything down there and if there really is a fish people island. Nami is distraught. Luffy notices a bubbling behind him and as he turns around, the giant monster appears. He looks astonished that it has followed them this far. It jumps and goes to attack the ship. Everyone realizes it’s a sea rabbit. Luffy says he won’t stop it here, lunges, and uses his gum-gum rifle against the sea hare. It’s knocked out after only one hit, and Usopp thinks that the giant bunny didn’t seem very big, to which Chopper replies that it’s probably because they’ve already dealt with Oars, so they’d already gotten used to the size. Sanji notices the sea bunny spitting something out as he passes out. The Straw Hat Pirates speculates what it could be. A fish? A human? They realize a tail fin and Sanji wonders if it could be….

Two creatures land on the Thousand Sunny. Luffy immediately notices the smaller one, a starfish. The second creature realizes it had landed on a human, Sanji, and apologizes profusely, but he doesn’t care about the pain, so blinded by love. Now everyone realizes what it is: a mermaid.

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