One Piece Episode 376


The forest pirates tend to be the victims of Bartholomew Kuma’s attack, with a paw print smoldering on his chest. Lola complains about how unfair it is to be threatened by another of the Seven Samurai so soon after her release from Moria’s bondage, and that the Straw Hats are still weakened from their fight against Moria. She challenges Bear because she and her men are still unharmed, even though she doesn’t think they stand a chance. Zoro tells the others to hide because Bear challenged him, saying he doesn’t need help in a fight. Bear compliments Zoro on his reputation and Luffy on having assembled a truly capable team. Sanji, Usopp, Nami, Franky, and Chopper are flattered by this, while Robin watches her comrades somewhat stunned, and Lola snaps at her that this is no cause for celebration. Bear goes on to say that the captain isn’t the only one who can be credited with the Straw Hat Pirates’s successes.

Usopp calls out to Zoro that fighting Bear is very risky, especially since he already has broken bones, but Zoro sees this fight as just another test on his way to becoming the best swordsman in the world, and should he die, that would be just as far as he could get. He engages Bear with a two-sword style Rashomon, but instead of Bear it splits the ruins behind him. Bear stands over Zoro with his right hand in a defensive gesture, then delivers a blow in Zoro’s direction. The swordsman is able to dodge it with a roll to the side. A pattern can be seen on Bear’s palm that matches the paw prints. Another blow hits Zoro in the head and shoulder. Undeterred, he attempts a slash 36 Sense Phoenix, which Bear deflects at the last moment with his left hand in front of his face, deflecting it into the crowd of forest pirates who hurl it through the air. Zoro realizes that Bear’s devil power is the ability to knock aside anything arbitrary. Bear says he ate of the paw fruit so he is a paw man. The watching Straw Hats are amazed at the devil fruit’s cutesy name, but when Franky questions Bear’s fighting ability, he is caught by a flying paw print and flung into the rubble.

Robin thinks that Bear is even able to knock air aside, since Franky’s body normally bounces any projectile off it. Bear replies that this is the Pad Hou, a pressure cannon, with which he can shoot air at the speed of light, which can even penetrate bodies. In the attack pose of a sumo wrestler, he asks Zoro to share the experience. Zoro gets ready to deflect the attack in three sword style. He is able to parry Bear’s tsuppari pad cannon with a blade wolf slide. Leaping out of parry, Bear deflects his counterattack with both palms, hurling Zoro back into more shattering debris. As Zoro picks himself back up, to the astonishment of the forest pirates, Bear approaches him from behind. Sanji intervenes with a concasser and hits Bear full force on the chin. Zoro complains that there was no reason for this intervention, while Sanji holds his leg injured in the kick and Bear remains standing, unimpressed. Bear addresses the cook as Blackfoot Sanji and rubs his chin. Sanji asks if Bear is made of steel.

Usopp fires a Firebird Star at Bear, but Bear throws it back at the shooter and addresses him as Sogeking. Bear says that his opponents are all already injured, and that there’s no point in killing them in this state. He then straightens up and shouts that it’s the World Government’s order to destroy everyone on Thriller Bark, and prepares a giant paw print that shrinks smaller and smaller. Nami realizes that he is creating tremendous air pressure in this bubble that will explode like a bomb. Bear offers to let everyone live if they turn Straw Hat Luffy over to him. He says that the World Government will not pursue them further if they have their captain’s head. Usopp and the other Straw Hats unanimously reject this offer. With regret, Bear lets the compressed air escape as Ursus Shock. The blast flings the debris and even the main mast far away.

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