One Piece Episode 372


After Oars’s attack, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Brook, and Franky lie unconscious on the ground. Only three of the Straw Hats have yet to be defeated: Nami, Usopp, and Zoro. The swordsman goes in for an attack and runs to Oars, ordering Usopp to do his job. The latter is confused for a moment, but then knows what Zoro is talking about. Oars is already attacking. He uses a gum-gum gun to take out the attacking Zoro, who is about to hit 108 Sense Phoenix. Zoro manages to dodge, but is smashed into a building by Oars’s gum-gum bell. Zoro is able to dodge further punches, while Usopp positions his Kuwagata with the bag of salt. Zoro says he’d like to keep playing with Oars, but has to finish him off as it’s almost tomorrow. He challenges the special zombie directly. Moria orders his subordinate to finish this arrogant guy off. Oars leaps into the air and goes to blast his opponent to kingdom come with a gum-gum gun, but gets stuck in the ground when Zoro counters with Nigori Zake and deflects Oars’s fist. The swordsman continues to attack, using Yasha Garasu. After the attack, Oars’s arm is covered with prints of bird feet. Also, the attack seems to have worked, as Oars feels visible pain. Then, when Zoro tries to attack him again, he is slammed into a wall by the zombie.

Now Usopp intervenes with his Kuwagata. In it he put the bag of salt and shot it off. Oars is confused as he didn’t see what landed in his mouth and Nami doesn’t know what just happened either. However, Usopp already sees himself as the victor as he declares that he launched a bag of salt into Oars’s mouth. However, he has rejoiced too soon, because out of Oars’s mouth comes not Luffy’s shadow as expected, but Moria’s shadow Double Man, who has caught the bag of salt and now throws it back at Usopp, catching him square in the face. This scatters all the salt on the floor.

Usopp is angry at Moria for scattering the last of the salt he got from Brook. But the latter, meanwhile, makes fun of the long-nose. To think he wouldn’t protect Oars’s body enough is just ridiculous in his opinion. While Usopp is still gathering his precious salt, Oars has already prepared his next attack. He stomps on Usopp with his foot until Usopp has turned to mush. Nami is horrified and yells at Moria to stop. But instead of granting her request, Oars points his foot at the navigator and stomps her to a pulp as well.

Suddenly Oars hears a voice behind him asking him what he is trying to step on. Surprised, the zombie turns around and asks who he’s looking at. It’s Luffy, who saved Nami and Usopp before they could have been trampled by Oars. However, they are both surprised as their captain resembles a zombie. With the help of the shadows, he has transformed into Nightmare Luffy. Right off the bat, Luffy learns from his comrades that all the other Straw Hats, as well as Brook, have been badly beaten up by Oars, and that Oars can also stretch his body like rubber thanks to Luffy’s shadows. Moria, of course, doesn’t care who’s standing in front of him now and orders Oars to crush Luffy. Oars sets off, intending to defeat his opponent right off the bat with the Gomu Gomu no Rifle, but to everyone’s horror, Luffy is able to stop this powerful blow with just one hand. Claiming that he is the one and only Luffy, he gives Oars a good punch under the chin right after. This one punch is even enough to send Oars flying through the air a few feet. Oars is even mistaken for an umbrella and a large bird by some zombies watching the action from the forest, but shortly after they recognize him as well. Everyone is amazed at how this could possibly happen. While Oars is slowly getting back up, Nightmare Luffy is already setting up for his next attack. He grabs the giant zombie by its horn and rams it headfirst into the ground again.

Nami and Usopp see other people running between their comrades. They immediately head to the ground, where they encounter the Rolling Pirates, who rescue the remaining fellows from Luffy’s crew.

Oz takes a gum-gum stomp right to the face from Nightmare Luffy. The zombies, watching the action from afar, are horrified that Oars is taking so many hits. They always thought he was invincible, just like their master Moria, who is, after all, one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. Meanwhile, Oars has been thrown so hard by Luffy that it even knocks Moria around in his cockpit.

Arriving at the Rolling Pirates, Nami and Usopp learn from Lola and the Risky Brothers that they put 100 shadows into Luffy, after which he mutated into Nightmare Luffy and also gained tremendous strength.

Back at the fight with Oars, you see Luffy grab him by the hair and now twirl him around in the air. Shortly after, he flings him back and forth on the ground by his hair again and again and finally throws him into Dr. Hogback’s castle right next to Nami, Usopp and the Rolling Pirates. Luckily, everyone was still able to make it to safety in time. Oars, however, lies upside down amidst the ruins of the castle. But he gets up again shortly after and wants to counterattack with a Gomu Gomu no Bullet. However, the attack is stopped by Nightmare Luffy with a sword attack. Oars, now visibly battered, has to endure another attack from Luffy, which is not aimed at him, but at Moria. Moria is about to leave the cockpit, but Luffy beats him to it and is hit in the face with a gum-gum gun. He blocks Oars’s next attack with ease and then uses the Gomu Gomu no Storm, hitting both the already unconscious Moria and Oars. Wildly, Oars is pushed back further and further with the pelting blows until he finally falls into the castle walls once again. All the other zombies watching the event are horrified. They never thought it was possible for a single pirate to defeat the special zombie.

Immediately after the zombie falls, all the shadows escape from Luffy’s body, returning him to his normal appearance. He falls unconscious to the ground, where Nami and Usopp immediately run to him to see if everything is okay with him. The Rolling Pirates, on the other hand, begin a dance of joy as both Oars and Moria seem to be defeated for good.

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